6 Malaysian Thought Leaders You Should Connect with on LinkedIn 

Broaden your perspectives in various areas by connecting to these thought leaders

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LinkedIn is no longer just a networking platform or a place for job hunting, it’s a place for individuals to share their ideas, experiences and knowledge in their field.

In the past few years, LinkedIn has been reshaped from a platform that revolves mostly around professional networking, to one that’s about content creation by enabling their users to share videos, images, links and articles.

The more positive interaction a post gets, the higher its chances of going mainstream which attracts hiring managers and other users on the network as it elevates the user’s credibility, which is one of the reasons why LinkedIn is so useful.

Besides content creation, a user can stand out and establish their credibility by having the right list of connections. In this article, we’re going to share with you some of the most credible Malaysians you can connect with. It gives you insights into various industries and opens the door for new opportunities. 

Derek Toh 

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Derek Toh is the founder of WOBB, a platform that enables young talented Malaysians to find amazing job opportunities and the founder of Hiredly, a database website that provides companies with the most suitable and outstanding employees. On top of running a business, Derek is also the host of Hello Mentor!, a podcast where he shares the stories of the most successful individuals in various industries.

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If you follow Derek on LinkedIn you can see that his content revolves around live sessions where he answers career questions, posts career tips, shares experiences he picked up along the way of his entrepreneurial journey, updates about his latest projects and of course, collaboration and some personal updates from time to time.

Khairuddin Rahim

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Khairuddin was recently appointed as the Deputy CEO of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA). He is currently in charge of Leading MIDA in the various industries under the manufacturing sector such as resource processing, medical devices, biotechnology and more.

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As for his content, he promotes Malaysia as an investment destination, shares info about the developments of its various industries and he also shares moments of his own life. 

Azran Osman-Rani

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Azran is an author, professional speaker, investor, CEO and Co-Founder of Naluri, which successfully raised an estimated 29 million dollars recently, he’s also chairman and Investor of MoneyMatch, former CEO of iFlix Malaysia, former CEO of Air Asia, former senior director at Astro and he’s also an adjunct professor at the national university of Malaysia.

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Azran is a busy man, he doesn’t update his feed regularly but when he does, his content is about business, startup tips, mental health and investment tips.

Teacher Kean 

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Teacher Kean wasn’t always a teacher, he used to be a lawyer with about 4 and a half years of experience at HwangDBS Investment Bank Berhad where he quickly climbed up the corporate ladder and eventually became vice president. Later on, he decided to leave the corporate world as he made his way to education as a principal then and just recently in 2020, he started teaching parenting tips to improve the livelihood of families.

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Kean’s content is all about parenting tips where he talks about serious issues in a lighthearted manner. He also shares his personal life experiences, challenges and his hobbies. Teacher Kean is a good sport and his content will light up your day.

Maverick Foo 

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Unlike our previous picks, Foo opted for the school of life as his education and now, he’s in one of the most ambitious markets out there with tons of experience on his hands. He co-founded Events Wizard, worked as a Marketing Lead Company at Arete Advisory, as a Chief Marketing Officer at Talentbank and now, he’s a resource speaker for Vistage Malaysia, a business development strategist BDlabls and an independent marketing strategist. 

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As for his content, it mostly revolves around marketing tips, motivation, career tips and plenty of life experiences.

Aaron Tang

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Aaron started his journey in the corporate world as an operations executive, at Petronas, worked his way up at Weatherford from a support engineer all the way to regional product line management in a span of 7 years, started his own blog in 2014 where he still writes about optimizing time, relationships and money. Now, he works as a country manager for crypto trading platform Luno.

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As for his content, he shares the writings he uploads on his blog, information about cryptocurrency and trading, his investment experiences and insightful articles he finds on the internet. 

Why should you follow them?

All of these individuals share one thing in common, DRIVE. 

They are passionate about what they do whether it’s investments, business transformation, career building, all of them have great knowledge in their field which makes them a perfect destination for you to broaden your perspective and grow as a person!

If you know any other thought leaders that we did not mention, you can share them with us at

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