All You Can Get In A Home!

Being at home has never been more convenient

Very recently, I was shocked to see the number of Covid-19 cases rising day by day with the all-time highest being at 691 cases on 6 October. Thus, it is only natural for the people of Malaysia, including me, to prepare for the worst case scenario: having to stay at home for an indefinite amount of time.

But, home has really taken a more significant role than just having four walls and a roof for security; home is also the environment around it. Home is where you should be surrounded with convenience, comfort and security.

Surrounded by greenery, IJM Land’s latest residential development, Rimbun Jasmine in Seremban could not have been a more appropriate choice for me to call home, as the attention to detail is immaculate. Even the name of the residential development fits as the word rimbun translates to lush. Hence, its lush surrounding is enough to provide a cool shade and relaxation especially for me as I do like to spend time outside of my house to get some fresh air.

However, thriving to be a comfortable haven for its residents, Rimbun Jasmine offers more benefits for the pleasure of its residence.

1. It has everything, but a hefty price tag

As aforementioned, I went ahead and chose to invest in a property despite the threat of the pandemic circulating around us. You might now think that I’m doing well financially. While that may be true, you’d be surprised to know that Rimbun Jasmine doesn’t cost all that much, especially when you take into account its spaciousness.

Seriously, I got the home at an attractive price of only RM488,520 as a bumi, while non-bumis can get it for RM542,800 which I think is still quite a steal. Hello, all 129 units of Rimbun Jasmine have enough rooms that are perfect for a growing family! 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms; huh, I wouldn’t worry about my privacy being threatened anymore. I truly feel like with that much space I can really indulge in my activities like work, and my kids can also enjoy playing and studying in a more conducive environment.

To put the cherry on top, I can let my kids enjoy themselves while I work with a peace of mind as the neighbourhood is not only securely guarded but it also has perimeter fencing for the residents' safety!

Image via wisegeek

2. Everything at close proximity

I work in the city, so the thought of living in a quiet area is really appealing to me. I can be rid of stress from the traffic jam and constant honking sounds. But, as I’m so used to living in the city, I don’t think I can truly let go of the convenience it offers, especially entertainment and leisure-wise.

But, choosing to live in Rimbun Jasmine, this dilemma is now the least of my worries as the residential area is located right next to the heart of every convenience. I can get almost everything I need at such a short distance, so there’s really no excuse for my child to procrastinate running grocery errands for me. It’s just so close!

As Rimbun Jasmine is located near Seremban 2, it offers quick access for its residents to an array of commercial and retail services such as AEON Mall, Mydin Mall, Tesco, Palm Mall and NSK Trade City within a 5-km distance. So, I only have to drive about 10 minutes to the grocery shops of my choice or just enjoy my leisure time. Other than that, there are also establishments like Kepayang Square, S2 Uptown Avenue, S2 Centrio and Seremban Gateway for an assorted offer of foods, entertainment and best of all, shopping opportunities!

I also needn’t worry about cases of emergency, as I can travel efficiently to the assortment of medical facilities such as Columbia Asia Hospital, KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital and clinics too. There are also convenient stores like 7-Eleven and 99 Speedmart for me to get urgent basic necessities and if I run out of cash, I can just go to the major bank branches for my convenience.

Image via KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital

3. Living a healthy lifestyle

I’ve always enjoyed living healthy, so I do take the utmost advantage of Rimbun Jasmine’s landscape full of greenery by also spending quality bonding time with my family. My youngest child enjoys playing at the children’s playground with the other kids in the residence, while my sons and husband are more into sports and athletic activities so they spend more time hiking at Kepayang Hill or in S2 Club for their offer of athletic activities.

For me, I love visiting the S2 City Park or the Hill Park for a more chill and leisure time with myself, and sometimes with my children and husband.

Seremban 2 Hill Park / Image via Taman Bukit Inai

4. Prioritising education

As mentioned before, Rimbun Jasmine is the perfect residence for a community of growing families as there are an array of schools located at close proximity, which amplifies security and convenience for both children and parents alike. The array of schools include public schools, an international school which is the Zenith International School and a private preschool, R.EA.L. Kids preschool.

Since the schools are so near by, I let my sons ride their bikes to school and they enjoy it too as they can enjoy the “scenic views surrounded by nature”, according to them. While I only need to drive a short distance away to drop my youngest at the preschool which saves a lot of time and fuel.

Image via TRT Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd.

5. Easy accessibility

Another added advantage of living in Rimbun Jasmine is the easy access to major highways such as the North-South Highway (PLUS), ELITE and LEKAS highways for a quick entry to the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and even Malacca. As I work in Kuala Lumpur, this proves to be of high convenience for me and I travel a lot too with my family, so we also get to go on a toll free road that is directly connected from our neighbourhood to KLIA and KLIA2. This residential development truly redefines convenience.

Artist’s impression of Rimbun Jasmine

I was suprised to find out from my friend that it was sold out within 3 hours during the private preview! You know what, he was literally queuing up at 5am. Crazy right?! But, I was lucky enough to be able to get a unit for myself. 

Photo shared by author’s friend

Maybe these are the reasons why the units of the residential development sold out within hours at a private preview. But, you don’t need to fret! Of course, IJM Land will come up with more exciting projects for its consumers. So, you should keep an eye out for their upcoming projects at!


This story was contributed by Sarah Fadzal. 

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