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Bringing Toddlers to Work

Is there any other way around this?

A child’s place is by the mother’s side.

While this statement stands true, what should a mother do to divide her time between raising her young children and working at the office?

Why Bringing Toddlers to Work is Frowned Upon

1. It Causes Distraction at WorkImage via Vox

While most jobs require their staff to multitask, bringing young children into the working space would add more chaos into the foray. With kids being kids, co-workers and perhaps clients alike might find it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. This can impair productivity, as well as work efficiency.

Imagine how bad it will look for a corporate office to be cluttered with toys and have young children running around? Not the best professional look you would want to portray.

2. It is Bad for the Children Too
Image via Very Well Family

Children need sufficient rest and play, and being at a quiet office for an extended period of time goes against their nature and need for a stimulating environment.

What they need is to spend time with their peers, playing and laughing. And when they feel like it, they need to nap. On their comfortable beds with their blankies and plush toys.

What Can Be Done

1. Offices Should Have a NurseryImage via Kunchevarch Design

Offices should have a nursery for parents who have trouble finding babysitters for the time being. This shows their empathy and consideration for their employees and their families.  

If there are no nursery centers to be found in the building, pack up silent entertainment for your children to occupy themselves with. Perhaps a Barbie doll, a storybook, or some Legos.

2. Give Bosses a Heads-UpImage via Fellow

It is always a good idea to not “surprise” your boss.

If you are bringing your toddler to work, it would be wise to speak to your boss beforehand. This is to give your boss some time to review a prior engagement with a client or stakeholder who might be visiting.

Perhaps you can take your child to the pantry during that time, or your boss could rearrange the venue in which the meeting is due to take place.

3. Keep Visits Short

If possible, try to keep the visits as short as possible. Take turns with your spouse, or try and speak with a close friend or family member to watch your child for you for a few hours of your working day.

Or if all else fails and you do not have anything urgent to attend to at the office, consider taking the day off to spend with your precious little munchkins.

Jobs change and careers come to an end, but family is forever.

While our children should always remain our top priority, it is up to us to find the balance between work and family. It might be difficult for most parents, but with the right prioritising skills and some multitasking, you will find your groove eventually.

Parenthood is a wonderful thing, and it is not something to be stressed about!

Enjoy it!

Cover image via The Balance Careers

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