Cosentino’s New Collection Unveiled

This collection features surface designs plucked straight from Mother Nature

Cosentino, the leading global Spanish company in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, is once again transforming its sector by unveiling “The Collection”, an innovative proposal for the annual launch of its new colours and series. 

What stands out more than anything in “The Collection” is the fluidity and elegance of the Dekton® Liquid series, a proposal which was warmly welcomed at the last Miami Design forum and that was designed by the London-based studio PATTERNITY. 


Dekton® Liquid

Cosentino commissioned pattern experts and designers, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of PATTERNITY, to create a collection for Dekton® that reflects the state-of-the-art material. Inspired by Liquid, each of the individual colours are aesthetically innovative and as a collection, touch on the future of global trends. 


Liquid Sky 

A swirling, marbled, cloud-like pattern which celebrates the scientific principles of fluid dynamics. Liquid Sky’s unique characteristics consist of a white base with flowing grey veins.


Liquid Shell

Celebrating subtlety and softness, Liquid Shell honors what lies beneath the waves in the ocean. The design of Liquid Shell is also inspired by the moon, in union with the ocean’s tide. 


Liquid Embers 

Liquid Embers represents a meeting point between fire and liquid, a space which lies deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Reminiscent of magma, the cross of endings and new beginnings, Liquid Embers is a dark, carbon-like design that visualises the alchemy of the elements. 

Another remarkable innovation is Avant-Garde‘20, featuring three proposals in exclusive and colourful cutting-edge shades that make a big impact in different interior design spaces.




Inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent, this unique colour stands out for its complexity and beauty. Its surface texture plays with different shades and nuances, through which gold veining takes pride of place and brings warmth to a deep, dark background. 



Featuring white and grey tones that are balanced with a delicate crackled effect, Helena provides the depth that is characteristic of onyx, the natural stone that has inspired this intriguing proposal.



Khalo is inspired by Patagonia Granite, one of the world’s most sought-after stones, due to its unique shape and tones. With its polished finish, Khalo features a spectacular shine that emphasises its complex and colourful structure. 

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