Doing CSR Right

5 key factors to a successful campaign

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something common for corporations to promote a vision of business accountability to stakeholders, shareholders and investors. CSR creates impact on all aspects of society including economic, social and environmental aspects.
Here are 5 key factors to make your CSR campaign successful.
1/ Purpose
It's extremely important that your CSR project has its purpose and brings value to the community and society. It should create awareness and bring happiness, valuable messages and hope.
2/ Sincerity
The secret of your campaign’s success lies in sincerity. Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it. It's meaningless. Bear in mind that everything is energy and we all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. People can feel it if you have hidden intentions.
3/ Align With Your Business Goals
In everything you do, make sure your marketing or CSR strategy is aligned well with your company's objectives. Be creative and innovative in crafting the strategies as how it could help achieve your long term goals. 
4/ Choose the Right CSR Partner 
The right partner is equally important when you organise a CSR campaign. Partners who understand and share the same values and want to make an impact in the community and society. 
5/ Sustainability 
CSR isn't just a programme, it's what we do every day, maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact. It includes sustainability, but relates to the wider relationship between the organisation, its key stakeholder groups and the community. 
Feel free to tell us if you think there are other components which contribute the success of a CSR campaign.
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