Get Inspired with 3 of the Best Business Channels on YouTube!

Fuel Your Creativity with These 3 YouTube Business Channels

Recently, we suggested three high-quality YouTube documentary channels you can watch for free during the new lockdown and this week, we’re back with three YouTube channels for open-minded entrepreneurs who are always on the look for new business ideas.

Due to the pandemic and its global impact, many businesses were forced to change the way they operate. For instance, restaurants that once relied on in-store sales are now forced to sell their products digitally. Some businesses were hit hardest such as liquor stores that were recently classified as non-essential.

Because of these rough challenges, radical changes have to be made if these businesses want to survive. In this article, we’re going to highlight some YouTube channels that show you how business owners from across the world are dealing with these challenges, the latest trends in business, predictions from the brightest minds and more!

1/ Business Insider

Image from YouTube

If we can describe Business Insider’s content on YouTube in three words, it’s short, concise and informative.

On a weekly basis, they upload content about the rise and fall of businesses, social issues that are linked to business where they expose their viewers to new ideas from companies across the world.

Image from Business Insider via YouTube: How Mushrooms Are Turned Into Bacon And Styrofoam

Business Insider shows you exactly how the most innovative businesses operate. For example, Ecovative, a biotech company in upstate New York, aims to solve a variety of environmental issues such as reducing plastic waste by creating biodegradable products from mycelium, a substance found in mushrooms and you can learn about their process in this video.

If you are looking for out-of-the-box ideas, then Business Insider on YouTube is a must-watch!


Image from YouTube

With more than 335 million content consumers on all its platforms, CNBC is a household name when it comes to business news.  

CNBC is known for its financial market coverage, educational financial videos, documentary-style business videos and videos about current social trends that are linked to finance.

Image CNBC via YouTube: Why Covid Patients Could Face A Lifetime Of Money Problems

CNBC makes brief-well researched videos with a simple yet engaging structure.

They first start their narrated videos with a thorough introduction followed by discussing key subtopics.

In this video about the long-lasting financial effects on COVID-19 patients, they interview a few experts in US healthcare and people who have been affected by the deadly disease as well. To win credibility with their audience, CNBC backs up their talking points by quoting research papers and displaying well-illustrated graphs throughout their videos.

If you’d like to be constantly updated on the latest happenings in the world of business and economy by a credible source, then CNBS is the channel for you.

3/ Bloomberg Quicktake

Image from YouTube

Bloomberg Quicktake is all about well-made business documentaries that include compelling storytelling which will keep you hooked from start to finish.

With content in various topics from technology, sports, inspiring individuals, social media, Bloomberg Quicktake has it all.

Image CNBC via YouTube: How Instagram Turned Real Estate Upside Down

Bloomberg Quicktake chooses topics from all corners of the world where they could talk about the history of companies, the effects of politics on the economy and the change of industries due to technological intervention.

For example, in this video, they talk about how social media affected the buying process of houses that were once sold by brokers, backed by research and explained by experts of course.

If you have extra time on your hand and you’re looking for a channel that’ll show you the bigger picture and a sneak peek into the future of business, you should definitely check out Bloomberg Quicktake.

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