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You ARE going to get attached~

Home is a four-letter word with a variant of definitions; it’s subjective. To some, home may be in the arms of a person they love or it could also be the warm feeling when their dog greets them after work. But, what makes a house a home is: VALUE.

And buying a house is no easy feat -- it involves a lot of critical decision-making and tons of tedious paperwork. But, a house that upholds its value of affordability, comfort, convenience, space and lifestyle truly makes an ideal home -- a place where families can grow and nurture each other.

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Pioneering property developer Myra, has launched a new development: Myra Vista. Located in Salak Tinggi, Sepang, Myra Vista is a low-density, individual title township built on a Malay reserve land and has embodied all the values that can meet all the needs and wants of the young urban Malay community. 

Upholding values that makes a home

1. Affordability

With the affordable starting price of RM439,000, you must be wondering: How spacious is the house anyway for it to be so affordable? Well, Myra Vista offers 89 units of 20’ x 80’ double-storey terrace homes with a built-up of 1726 - 1766 square feet. Of course, room count is a crucial part of homebuying, especially for growing families thus Myra Vista’s units offer 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms; enough space for a family to grow in a conducive and nurturing environment. Honestly, it sounds like a steal!

2. Spacious communal living

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In the Malay community, gatherings are quite common; weddings, religious ceremonies like aqiqah and safe thanksgiving ceremonies (majlis doa selamat) and many more. Thus, Myra Vista boasts a design that suits the lifestyle of its Malay audience. With its spacious communal living space, home owners needn’t think so much anymore about renting an event space and paying more.

Additionally, as Myra Vista knows their target homebuyers appreciate family time, corner and end lot units have been provided with a family hall with an attached balcony. While providing the needed privacy, natural sunlight and cool ventilation can still make its way in.

3. Flexibility and Facilities

The best thing about being a homeowner is you are free to revamp your home however you see fit. Myra Vista homes are inclusive of a 279 square feet backyard. Thus, if you are planning to grow your family and need more space, extending your home is an available option! If you’re only looking to grow some plants and have your own mini-farm in the backyard, that’s fine too. Ultimately, if you prefer a home in its original form, you can utilise the available space to host a small party or just indulge in leisure activities with your family. You do you!

In addition, as Myra Vista is targeted for Malay homebuyers, the individual township is located just 3 minutes away from a surau so community members will be able to perform their religious duties or hold religious gatherings with ease. If you prefer to pray at home, you will also find kiblat signs installed in every Myra Vista unit for your ease to perform prayers.

4. Enjoying the Outdoors

Bicycle park

As much as Myra has made the houses very liveable with its comfort and amenities, they certainly took it up a notch with the landscaping of the township. A little trivia: much thought has been put into the landscaping so as to provide a comfortable and lush surroundings for Myra Vista’s residents.

Anyway, you’d think Myra Vista would stop at having a great location, affordability and spacious size, but no! They also include public areas where the community can enjoy a fun and healthy lifestyle regardless of age.

Children’s playground

To highlight the importance of spending time outdoors and having a healthy lifestyle, a jogging path is built around the playground area with an adult par course section for exercise and healthy activities. But, the best part of Myra Vista’s outdoors is it’s prime feature; a specially-developed themed cycling park for children which also functions as a playground. That’s not all though! The park also provides an educational course that teaches children about road signs, traffic etiquette and proper road usage. Oh gosh, can you imagine a mini-traffic light for the children? Adorable!

5. Security and Connectivity

Myra Vista's side facade

It’s a scary world nowadays and Myra is aware of it which is evident in the prioritisation in developing a guarded sanctuary for the residents’ safety and assurance. Myra believes in optimising security to provide peace of mind for their homebuyers who should have the privilege to enjoy the benefit of having a 24-hour guarded community that also gives privacy and freedom.

While security is important, connectivity with other communities is just as crucial. Myra Vista residents are in luck as they can easily come and go from busy towns to their beloved abode within minutes since the township is located near major highways such as ELITE, North-South Expressway, MEX, LEKAS and SKVE.

Peace of Mind to Homebuyers

The thought of committing to a mortgage can be daunting. Obviously, since it’s a huge decision to make! A mortgage isn’t just a 24-hour thing; it’s a long-term commitment; 35 years maximum, to be exact. So yes, it can be very intimidating and scary. But, it really doesn’t have to be.

Besides providing homes that you will possibly fall in love with, Myra also aims to make home buying an easy process for their audience, especially for young, first-time homebuyers. Myra will provide guidance to make your journey of homebuying be one that is full of education and awareness -- so you won’t get scammed anytime in the near or far future. 

Oh, as Myra is listed under the MyHome affordable housing scheme that provides up to RM30,000 of incentives and as a part of the Home Ownership Programme (HOC) 2020, Myra Vista homebuyers will be exempted from paying stamp duty for Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) and loans. These are a lot of cherries on top of this cake; not only do you get guidance on buying a home but you also get to not pay? Amazing.

To understand the process of homebuying in a simple and easy manner, you can visit Myra’s website as they guide you through their interactive 4-step home buying process: or you can also Whatsapp them!

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