How PR Companies Can Thrive During A Pandemic

No events?! How are PR firms going to stay afloat?

A public relations company is known for creating and maintaining a company’s image and brand while also creating press releases, media content and managing the social media for the client. PR firms are also responsible for the hosting of events, giving the clients’ brand a major boost in exposure, reputation and profit.

In the case of a successful event, the PR firm will definitely gain a good reputation. But, what happens when events are limited due to the pandemic? How can PR firms thrive and stand out to attract new clients?

  1. Go virtual

While events are not strictly prohibited, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Hold a virtual event where everyone can enjoy a nice time in the safety and comforts of their own homes. A more immersive experience provided with proper technologies and audio systems will ensure more success to the event.

During the CMCO, Xavier Mah Consultancy held a live sharing on Facebook with Cosentino, a burgeoning Spanish kitchen and bathroom surface company about the revolution and remodeling of fine kitchens and baths, alongside two notable designers.

  1. Utilise social media

Social media has always been important for any brand, but in the current situation, it should be utilised more than ever to help your clients gain traction and profit. The more profit they get, the more you do too! It’s B2B basics. If there are good writers and strategists in your firm, have them curate a social media plan a month prior, making minor amendments according to current events so your client will always have good and fresh content to publish.

For instance, in our company, we have talked about Black Lives MatterE-Learning and other relevant issues such as Behind-The-Scenes of News Anchors and so on. We realise that these are the hot topics of this year, and we have utilised our social media platform to speak up and share our insights alongside garnering more engagement and exposure.

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  1. Build a strong network

Being an employer or an employee in a PR firm, you are bound to liaise with a number of clients; be it retaining clients or potential clients. When building a connection, you should minimise doing the bare minimum such as asking “How are you?” in every text. Instead, ask your clients out for drinks or email them an article of their favourite musician so they can trust you and offer you more opportunities in the future.

  1. Employing blogging

You may think, “I have a PR firm. What is blogging going to do?” Well, let us share with you our experience as a PR firm with a blog! Having a blog can be a platform where you share your contents as a public relations specialist alongside posting write-ups about your clients so they can gain more exposure. However, as a PR blog, be sure to share insightful and high-quality contents rather than hard-sell contents, as that will drive your readers away.

Image via JWU Online - Johnson & Wales University

  1. Do things differently

If you want to stand out, you have to do things differently! There are thousands of PR firms out there who are competing to get clients and retain those clients. Why should they choose you, right? Well, give them a reason why they should choose you!

Here at Xavier Mah Consultancy, we specialise in digital PR and branding since 2011 for corporate, property and even the fashion and lifestyle industry. We believe in stories worth telling, as per our motto which has led us to be enlisted as finalists at the Marketing Excellence Awards by A&M Magazine for Excellence in Communication/ PR; that is our personal brand and achievement as we also appeal to property developers and real estates, being one of the first PR firms to champion in property PR.

Want to strengthen your branding with our company or learn more about personal branding with storytelling? Contact us at!


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