How To Keep A Strong Clientele Relationship

It’s more than just handshakes and LinkedIn endorsements

There are varying types of relationships; familial, romantic, platonic and professional relationships. While each relationship varies in degree in our lives, one thing remains the same; the maintenance of the relationship.

As a business owner, you will have clients and your relationship with this client should be professional. However, just because it is a professional relationship, does not mean you should not maintain it well. A professional relationship should be well-maintained for the success of your business. But, how can you keep your client attached to you?

1. Communicate with the client

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Communication is key, so communicate with your client. Stop asking your clients simple questions like “How are you?” every day! It can get tiring for them and shows how much effort you put into holding up the professional bridge. Instead, ask them out for an occasional get-together so you can discuss projects at hand even further. 

You should also always be available to speak with your clients and if you are not available, let them know when you are. This shows the client that you value their time and care for what they have to say.

2. Acknowledge your client as an individual

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Your clients are still human, so while figures matter in a professional relationship; don’t forget that your clients have a personal life. 

If you know they are a parent, ask them how their kids are doing or if you know their favourite musician, it wouldn’t hurt to send them the latest article of their favourite artist. Don’t worry about looking unprofessional, if anything, it would make your clients closer to you and trust you better.

3. Stay positive

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When things go unplanned in a project, it is your job to reassure them that everything will be on track. Your positivity should ease any worries your client has and will motivate them to stay positive about the project themselves.

4. Be open about your opinions

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If your clients ask for your opinion, be open with them! Let them know why their ideas might not work and suggest better ideas. Don’t be afraid of offending your clients. Remember, your clients hired you for a reason -- because they believe in your capabilities to help their company grow! Your clients will truly appreciate the honesty, as long as it brings benefits to their company.

5. Exceed expectations

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With your capabilities and knowledge, you know you can do better so do it! What your clients expect you to do, do better. Not only will you expose your clients to your capabilities and expertise, but they might even stick with you for all their business ventures in the future. 

However, make sure to maintain effective communication and meet the clients’ needs throughout the process. While you might want to surprise them with something better, just be sure it aligns with their requests!

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