Humanizing Startups With Stories Worth Telling

Stand out with PR and Personal Branding

The 2010s has proven to be a terrific decade for startup entrepreneurs who are able to make it from the ground up with great ideas alone. By combining digital expertise and business knowledge, one only needs to obtain funding, which is much more accessible now than ever, for their business ideas to take off.

Mention the capital of startups, and Silicon Valley comes to mind. Though, Malaysia isn’t really that far behind, in South East Asia at least. We have one of the most developed digital economies and also a key country for startups within the region.


A Vibrant Startup Ecosystem

According to Yusuf Jaffar, programme manager of Global Accelerator Programme from Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), there is an estimate of 3,000 startups in Malaysia. Compared to the 42,000 in neighboring Singapore, we definitely have some catching up to do.

But as we set our sights forward, we must not tunnel vision and neglect startups that have already been established. In our mission to cultivate a formidable startup economy, we have the responsibility to help existing startups sustain their business models while also assisting the new ones.


Making Meaningful Connections

One solution to that is storytelling through PR and Personal Branding. Fact is, the technological and technical nature of startups can get lost in branding and messaging, making it hard to form meaningful connections with consumers and thus hampering potential to grow.

Besides taking a business to the next level, storytelling not only helps secure funding and attract investors, but also makes a startup stand out in the current competitive scene.

Coming down to it, the end goal of it all is to connect with consumers on a personal level, which can be achieved by drawing on a startup founder’s personal experience and motivation that explain the foundation of building the company, and the added values brought about from the product or service.

Telling A Brand’s Story

Consumers are also curious to know how using a certain app could make their calendar more organized, or how a portal could connect them with professionals all around the world, rather than numbers and statistics being thrown in their faces for the reason of proving a startup’s credibility.

If you have a useful service or product, communicate this message to your audience as one human being to another.

While the method and process vary based on brands, the essence of storytelling is what’s important, and that’s what Xavier Mah Consultancy specializes in.

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