Malaysia's Bush-league Business: Neelofa Included?

Marketing strategies in Malaysia can work in such bizarre ways

Positioned as one of the pioneers of Malaysia’s modest fashion industry, Naelofar has beaten dUCK brand, which only markets hijabs.

With Naelofar being a highly praised brand on top of its founder’s sudden change of image, it is no wonder Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor or better known as Neelofa is the most tweeted celebrity of 2020 in Malaysia.

Starting out as a model before championing in Dewi Remaja 2009/2010, this third-born child of nine siblings is no stranger to the limelight. Despite many controversies, mainly regarding her love life, she has paved her way in the media industry as an actress, TV host, ambassador, writer and a notable entrepreneur.

Previously, Neelofa has had one relationship known to the public, which was with Fattah Amin. Currently, Neelofa’s relationship with celebrity preacher, Haris Ismail, or better known as PU Riz, is the hot topic of the nation.

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The beginning of the end?

Being a widely known celebrity nationwide and globally, Neelofa’s relationship with PU Riz is bound to spark some controversy especially after the speculations that their relationship is currently on a rough patch.

It has come as a huge surprise to the public as Neelofa had just recently publicised her engagement to the celebrity preacher on 2 November, just close to two months ago. Assumptions and speculations are running wilder when it is noted that Neelofa’s siblings and mother have unfollowed PU Riz on Instagram and has since then posted Instagram stories that would give room to more speculations.

There were also rumours on Twitter that Neelofa was under a love potion, as posted by Syamira Safiya, who has since then deactivated her account. The rumour was denied by Neelofa herself on her IGTV where she talks about the ordeal of her now rocky relationship.

...or publicity stunt?

However, as an entrepreneur, there is no doubt that Neelofa would miss out on a business opportunity when the nation’s focus is on her, especially with the bush-league business in Malaysia. It is cheap publicity that rushes in thousands -- even millions -- of profit!

Take million-dollar entrepreneur Datuk Aliff Syukri, for example. Despite the many controversies and hate aimed at him with everything he does, he is still as successful as ever due to Malaysians’ weird habit of giving attention to people who are practically begging for it.

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Just a month ago on 29 November, Aliff Syukri sparked heat again through a video posted on Facebook of him crying due to not being able to travel overseas and shopping as an effect of the pandemic. Aliff Syukri has been labelled as insensitive as there are many in the nation who are facing heavier hardships such as getting laid off from companies and barely having enough to get by.

Despite the insensitivity and the heat of cancel culture, the controversial entrepreneur is still doing well and living in his RM45 million mansion!

Familiarity with infamy

As per stated, cheap publicity will definitely bring profit and Neelofa is no stranger to controversial marketing too.

As much as Naelofar is widely loved by hijabis and modest fashion wearers around the nation, part of its popularity was gained from the business figure’s choice of venue when the brand’s latest product was launched in February 2018.

Being a brand that markets hijab and modest fashion for Muslimahs, Naelofar’s latest collection at the time, Be Lofa, was launched in a nightclub. This marketing strategy has put her under fire with the public, stating that she is disrespecting all that the hijab represents by this paradoxical move.

However, she still received praises from the other half of the public, claiming that her marketing strategy is “a powerful step of dakwah {preaching).”

But that’s not the end of it for this Kelantanese girl!

As we know banana milk is all the rage nowadays after it has become a hit in South Korea, and Neelofa has of course ensured she is a part of the market by launching her own banana-flavoured milk. Named Nilofa, this brand became the raging topic of the public after the  issuing promises were too good to be true.

It seems like Neelofa is being put on fire no matter what she does. Oh, the hardship of fame and living amongst judgmentalism. But hey, if it works great for her businesses, then great!


Obviously, every business has different marketing strategies but constantly counting on drama to raise sales should be avoided. As a business owner with a brand, they should always prioritise authenticity and class to ensure the good image of the brand and business owner. Authenticity will bring profit just as much as drama will, or maybe even more!

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