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Living in the city, we don’t usually get a taste of nature and we sometimes crave it with all the hecticness in our lives. But, there’s only so much serenity you can get in the big city, so we end up opting to stay at home where it feels most peaceful to us. But, in Starling @ Bandar Rimbayu, modernism and nature comes hand in hand, perfect for nature lovers living in the big city especially with Bandar Rimbayu by IJM Land’s latest launch: Starling Parcel 3.

Truth be told, we know almost every residential area will have amenities that intend to provide the best for its residents. But what makes Parcel 3 such an appealing home?

Size does matter

Unlike Parcels 1 and 2, Parcel 3 will have two new types of home units with bigger built-ups of 1,694 square feet which are Type C and D double storey link homes with more than enough rooms in each unit for those who are looking to grow their families in a spacious home area.

“Well, what else can I experience with Starling other than having space?”

We’re glad you asked (or thought about it)!

1. Worth every penny

Although the price of RM698,000 might not be for all, it is a good investment to make as when paying for the mortgage of your house, you’re not only paying for the house itself but also for the environment surrounding it and of course you would want to invest in something worthwhile; secure, lush environment, space and extra space?! Yes!

As security is no compromise for IJM Land, you can raise your kids with all the space within your housing area with peace of mind from threats of crimes.

Additionally, as quality family-bonding time is important for an individual’s mental well-being, Bandar Rimbayu also houses a few amenities such as the multipurpose court and par course that caters to those with an active lifestyle and to those who are only looking to have a chill time, you have yourselves a cloud pavilion, amphitheatre, central lawn, plaza and even a playground, if you’re feeling sentimental about your childhood.

Starling @ Bandar Rimbayu multipurpose court

Starling @ Bandar Rimbayu Central Park

2. A garden within four walls

No, it doesn’t mean dengue-inducing plants in your house. It means that you get to experience an interior that makes you feel calm, as if you were in a garden -- which is quite literally what a Starling house looks like. 

Inspired by the blue colour of a Starling egg, it becomes the primary colour of the units in Starling’s interior with complementing colours included into the design and furnishings such as brown soil, green leaves and pink flowers.

The bathrooms have a modern twist to it compared to the garden concept of the living and dining areas. They are optimised with full-height tile walls and branded sanitary-ware and tiles.

Bonus luck for those who enjoy a nice shower, a booster pump for your satisfying shower experience is also in the books! Showering is going to feel like having a personal waterfall, don’t you think?

Starling @ Bandar Rimbayu Type D show house dining area

But, it’s not all aesthetics in the units. Making sure its residents have ample room for comfort is a huge factor for Starling thus you really don’t need to worry about where to park your cars anymore as the units in the residential area are equipped with a porch that can fit two cars.

Starling really fuses natural elements using its earthy and natural tones with the concept of modernism through its bold and geometrical lines which exudes a timeless, yet trendy look.

Starling @ Bandar Rimbayu Type D show house master bedroom

3. Understanding homebuyers

In this era, Internet connection is rarely a luxury but more of a necessity and Bandar Rimbayu knows this very well, hence the installation of the high-speed broadband infrastructure that makes it convenient for residents to adapt to the stay-at-home culture amid the pandemic, or even in the long run. 

Oh, do you like DIY and indulging in your creative tendencies? Well, Starling has included additional rooms which offer an opportunity for you to decorate it or renovate however you see fit according to your wants and needs! So, go get those paintbrushes and decorating tools. Honestly, this would be such a romantic stay-at-home date for couples.

And hey, once you’re done bonding with your partner or enjoying the quality time you had with yourself with revamping the rooms, you can dive into the luxury of The Club @ Rimbayu with its array of facilities, including an Olympic size swimming pool.

Plus point, new homebuyers can enjoy the quality lifestyle on a free membership for 2 pax for a year! Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

The Club @ Rimbayu

View your future home… SAFELY

Right now, you may wonder, “I want to check out my new potential home, but I don’t want to take risks with the virus. What do I do?” 

Well, Bandar Rimbayu is aware of the situation the pandemic has caused, and has thus taken the initiative to take the home-buying process up another notch by complying with the strict safety requirements.

Virtual consultations are conducted and clients are also taken through a virtual 3D walkthrough of the development and units, with a digital master plan provided as a reference. Although this is not the first time Bandar Rimbayu has gone digital as during the launch of Parcel 1 and 2, Bandar Rimbayu had also conducted their first-ever live balloting session for unit selection live on their official Facebook page

But if you still prefer to check out your future home physically, you can still visit their Bandar Rimbayu show gallery and show unit to really experience the unit before making the decision to invest in your potential forever home.

If you can’t before, well Now You Can!

Bandar Rimbayu by IJM Land knows that buying a home may not be on top of the list for everyone in the current economic climate. However, they still want to help you get the home of their dreams with ease. Thus, they have introduced a flexible ownership campaign called “Now You Can” that will run until 31st October 2020. This campaign will provide customised plans and solutions to suit individual needs and requirements.

Apart from “Now You Can” that encourages homebuyers (Yes, we are looking at you!) to make a worthwhile investment, you can also take advantage of the Home Ownership Programme (HOC) 2020 in buying Starling units as you can get to enjoy a 10% discount off the purchasing price. To top the cherry on the cake, you will also be exempted from paying the stamp duty for Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) and load and the most important benefit of all, purchasers are entitled to free legal fees for both Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and loan.

For more information, you can log on to!

Cover image via Rimbayu IJM Land

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