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Breathe in the fresh air of living in the city among the trees

Living in a high-rise building has always been common in an urban city like Kuala Lumpur. Although the array of high-rise buildings in the big city differ in class, many of them do share similarities in terms of facilities and amenities.   

But award-winning developer, Desa ParkCity has brewed up something hot, fresh and different and that is Park Place, the first-of-its-kind condominium development!

Located in the Desa ParkCity township between Central Park and upcoming Town Square Park, Park Place was developed with the thought of such vital parts of life: working, learning and socialising. Thus, every nook and cranny of the development aims to allow residents to go about their daily activities in a more secure environment from the threat of the pandemic. What makes Park Place different from other high-rise buildings?

Breathing new life into high-rise living

Despite being a high-rise building, Park Place has 537 units with a built-up ranging from 1,109 square feet to 4,047 square feet with two to four bedrooms which is quite spacious for a home in a high-rise building. Perfect for those who want to grow a family in a spacious yet elegant urban environment! 

The development will also feature five different unit types -- from single individual homebuyers to growing families, there will be a unit that can cater to your lifestyle -- which are Type A, B, C and D and a duplex unit, Type E. 

Additionally, you should grab your glass of wine while you enjoy your time to relax as the building will have three elegantly proportioned wings within one tower overlooking the scenic view of Desa ParkCity and the city of Kuala Lumpur. Desa ParkCity has never failed to impress with its innovative designs and its catering to their homebuyers lifestyles!

With the threat of the pandemic in mind, the developer of Park Place has offered generous amenities and facilities that can serve to be useful to its homebuyers in these trying times. Park Place has really incorporated a multitude of features that are fit for a modern lifestyle.

Everything you wished for and more

Park Place will stand at 54-storeys high complete with elements that redefine communal living with its creative working and social spaces. 

As we all know, to have the most conducive working environment is where you can also have fun thus the Activity Hall comes into the picture! Why not enjoy a game of pool while you're having a Zoom meeting? Not really viable if you want to keep your job, but one can dream. Point is, you can stretch your legs and refresh your mind from work here in the Activity Hall.

If you prefer to work and socialise in a greener environment, the breathtaking Sky Garden is really the place for you. Designed as an extension of your home, you will have ample space to work, relax, learn and mingle as you are being cooled off by the shade of the trees.

However, Desa ParkCity knows that city people enjoy their privacy immensely when they get the chance to, thus the Sky Garden is separated into two parts: Active Hall and Passive Hall. 

Honestly, the names speak for itself but Active Hall is where you can socialise, hold family gatherings and watch movies in the Movie Room which sounds like a lot of fun as you are making new memories and creating new experiences! 

While Passive Hall is more catered to activities such as private tuition sessions, drawing, reading and private office meetings for the working folks; a place where you can go to for some enjoyment of your own solitude or soul searching.

It really is appealing as sometimes, you may feel drained from the amount of workload you may have thus you can get a dose of fresh air and enjoy a quick stroll, then continue with your work like usual in just a moment with a fresher mind.

Park Place - Coworking Step Seating at Level 41 designed as a creative working and social space

Sky Garden

Best of both worlds

Oftentimes, things that are luxurious aren’t always the most practical. But, Park Place believes luxury and practicality come hand in hand.

When you look at Park Place, it’s almost like you are looking at an urbanised forest. Who says it’s not possible to be surrounded by nature in the big city? 

Keeping in mind how hot Malaysia can get during the day and even the nights, Park Place incorporates a lush, forest-like landscape design with over 70,000 square feet purposefully allocated with a high canopy that serves as an umbrella to protect the residents from the heat. Even before stepping inside the building, residents and visitors will be greeted with a cool forest drop-off full of greenery. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be greeted by the trees after a stressful day? After all, nature is the best healer for the tired souls.

Forest Entrance

Forest Port Cochere

Life has never been more convenient

Desa ParkCity is well known for its convenience within the township to residents and visitors alike thus it is a given that Park Place residents can enjoy all the conveniences of the township that is complete with its very own amenities and facilities. Just a walking distance away is The Waterfront, the iconic retail entertainment centre and Plaza Arkadia, where office spaces, entertainment and an array of F&B options are provided at your convenience.

What will always be better than food and entertainment? Quality family bonding time. If you feel like breaking a sweat with your family, the nearby Central Park will be your ideal spot and not just for families, but to have picnics with friends too or you can just enjoy a solitary evening walk under the park’s tree-lined shaded pathways. If you have dogs or cats, feel free to bring them for a walk too! Just don’t bring your pet hamster, for obvious reasons.

With the conveniences in Park Place and its surrounding environment, it comes as no surprise that over 86% of its units have been sold at their priority sales event.

Homebuyers queuing up at Desa ParkCity’s show gallery as early as 6am to choose the best Park Place units

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to for more information on Park Place!

Cover image: An elegant facade view of Park Place

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