The Art Of Real Estate Storytelling

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We all love stories.

With the mention of ‘storytelling’, many of us will turn our focus to movies and storybooks. However, stories revolve around us everyday, what we live and experience are all stories that we will hold dearly.

If I asked you the exact date of the best trip you have been on, you probably wouldn’t remember.

But I bet that you can recall the funny stories that made this trip such a fond memory!

Storytelling has gradually become one of the most powerful methods of marketing, and many retail and lifestyle brands have applied storytelling into their brands. 

Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs was a master storyteller, and Apple is still employing his storytelling marketing methods.

For a product, it is, of course, important to list down the specifications like the product price, colours, functions, new technological advancements and so on (let’s not get into the technical part). 

But how is Apple able to sell their phones at such a high price yet still receive such overwhelming response from the public?

Apple is not here to just sell a product. They are here to sell luxury, a lifestyle and an experience. You would notice that instead of sharing about the product specifications, Steve Jobs focuses on painting out a picture for us on how our lives are going to be upgraded and more convenient if we get on our hands on the latest iPhone!

Stories help people imagine, engage emotionally and feel relevant. And it is these experiences that are going to be key to selling your products.

Real estate is an industry made out of bricks and stones. So how can we possibly create stories out of it?

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Real estate is built around personal stories. First-time homebuyers struggling to purchase their first dream home. Couples raising their children in a vibrant community. Young kids making friends within the neighbourhood. 

As we’ve established earlier, stories revolve around us, and developers should bank on features and elements of their projects to engage with their target market with compelling stories.

Since 2011, Xavier Mah Consultancy has been working with property, lifestyle and beauty brands to bring their stories to life. As an expert in storytelling, we are committed to analysing our clients’ resources and making them the talk of town.

Here’s an example: 


ABC comprises double-storey link houses that have a built-up of 1948 square feet. It comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and the price starts from RM4xx,xxx onwards for bumis and RM5xx,xxx for non-bumis. 


ABC is the home fit for a growing family, all 149 units of ABC carry 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms for optimised privacy and conducive growth environment. With a built-up of 1948 square feet, you will have ample space to indulge in your daily activities without feeling suffocated. Additionally, you can also enjoy your activities with your families or individually anxiety-free as the residential area is not only guarded but is also inclusive of perimeter fencing for your utmost safety!

You must think that having so much space and security in a house also means having to pay a high price, right? Not with ABC, as the residential area’s units carry a very attractive price of RM4xx,xxx onwards for bumis and RM5xx,xxx for non-bumis. 

Which sounded more attractive to you? Can you imagine yourself staying at ABC?

Be it real estate, lifestyle, F&B or any industry you’re in, storytelling will be key to your business and brand, especially in this uncertain climate.

Here a few tips to start the ball rolling:

1/ Identify your target audience and have an intended message.

Are the messages and content you’re sharing relevant to your target market? Are the messages reaching them?

It’s vital to know who you’ll be communicating with to identify the best content strategies and the most effective platform to reach them efficiently. 


To convince people to listen to your stories, don’t you think you should first grab their attention to be interested?

A catchy headline or visual sparks interest and that will attract the audience to continue reading, thus generating more leads for you.

3/ Bring them on one hell of a ride

Every story has a flow. Once someone is interested in your content, it’s paramount to keep up the engagement and humanize the USPs of your product through stories and examples. 

Tell them what they can expect from your product and how it will benefit their lives. It also wouldn't hurt to expand your audience’s minds to the limitless possibilities your product holds.

And that’s it! 

Storytelling isn't just a childish or whimsical activity for children. It is taking over the world of marketing and it is high time we master the art of storytelling.

If you’re looking to curate effective and creative PR campaigns, reestablish your brand presence or have a story to tell, drop us an email now at or call +603 6411 7662.

Good luck!

Xavier Mah Consultancy (XMC) is a Digital Public Relations and Branding company that specialises in real estate, property and lifestyle PR since 2011. Click here to find out more about XMC.

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