The Perfect Cure For All Your Logistics Headaches

FYI, it’s TresGo!

We interviewed the founders of TresGo to know more about their e-fulfilment venture.


Co-founders Safiyya Azman (left) and Nadhra Fauzi (right) at TresGo warehouse in Taman Perindustrian Subang.


Nadhra Fauzi and Safiyya Azman may look like your average ladies, but looks can be deceiving. True enough, this power-duo are actually entrepreneurs in the labour-intensive e-fulfillment industry and they are rocking it with their very own brainchild, TresGo. #girlpower!

Meaning “three” in Spanish, ‘Tres’ represents the startup’s three core businesses, which are storing, packing and delivering. TresGo aims to ease the day to day operations of companies and businesses by handling the last time-consuming and stress-filled step - LOGISTICS, urghhhh!! 

TresGo makes it their mission to help micro e-commerce businesses grow. Image Credit: Berita Harian


With TresGo, companies are able to convert a lot of fixed costs such as space rental, utilities, packaging materials and labour, to variable cost.

Here are the 3 things that make TresGO truly unique:


1.Welcome To The ForTRES

TresGo has copyrighted ForTRES, a proprietary warehouse Management System that helps both them and their clients to trace and monitor inventory, status of orders, as well as consolidate orders from web-stores and marketplaces like Lazada and Shopify all into one place. Besides having FREE access, clients can also use the system to check for comprehensive analytics regarding their costs, revenue and many other useful functions.


2. Who needs H2O When You Have O2O? 

TresGo offers O2O (online to offline and vice versa) logistics solution for clients in catering to the changing consumer behaviour that affects the logistic process required to satisfy their needs. To put it simply, there are options for store pick-up, store fulfilment or warehouse pick-up provided. 


3. It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

It’s just an RM10 client’s cost to TresGo for storage, packing and delivery!!! Also, merchants are only charged for the storage space used based on the actual product dimensions. Did I mention the storage fees are prorated every 2 weeks?  That’s right! The faster you sell, the lower storage cost. #WOW

TresGo was selected to join the UNCTAD-Alibaba Business School eFounders fellowship programme in 2019.


Got a business idea that could use their service? GO now to and to learn more about TresGo!

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