The True Power Of Branding

Contrary to popular belief, branding is not just a brand name, logo or design. So what does it mean to have good branding?

Would you buy a RM30,000 brandless bag with quality that is on par with Chanel?

Or would you rather get a RM30,000 Chanel bag?

Small businesses may find it hard to compete with big brands who have an army of devoted customers and unlimited marketing budget. That’s why you have to differentiate yourself from your competition - through a strong branding of your own - and become the market leader!

1. Puts an end to price competition

Going back to the Chanel bag, why do you think people are willing to fork out such a huge sum of money? You don’t have to be in the price competition when your brand is well-positioned.


2. Branding is positioning

Positioning is how you differentiate your product or services from the rest of your competition. Brand positioning, complemented with effective marketing strategies, helps paint a clearer picture for people to understand about what you offer.


3. Brand identity & persona

You have to be identifiable! Whether it is through colours (Green=Grab, Red=AirAsia), logos and taglines (McDonald’s) or catchy tunes (Domino’s, Digi), easily identifiable brands are constantly reminding the people of their existence and characteristics.

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