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XALF Shoes For the Classy Hijabi

From her head to her toe, she is covered in ethereality

Believe it or not, as we are nearing the end of a new decade there are still a majority of people around the globe who believes the hijab is restricting, especially in the fashion industry as there is only a finite type of outfits that a Muslim woman can wear due to the obligations in Islam.

However, we disagree! A Muslim woman can don the hijab and still look as classy and fashionable as ever, especially when her outfit is paired with the right shoes. So, if you are a hijabi woman who loves fashion, we believe this piece is for you.


You could never go wrong with a pair of classic black boots! Pair Zarya with a blouse that you could tuck into your jeans and don a long cardigan as the outwear so you can rock that chic-professional look yet still be perfectly modest for professional and casual occasions alike.



An outfit that is absolutely loved by Muslim women would have to be the abaya; a full-length outer garment. It’s simple, it’s comfy and it’s modest. As a full-length outfit, sometimes the shoes don’t make much of an appearance but with a pointed-toe heel and a protruding leopard fur print, it is sure to catch some attention.



Add a splash of colour into your closet. For the bolder hijabi who loves bursts of colours in her life, Barbara will be perfectly suited with an all-white outfit, making the shoes pop even more and making a stronger statement. The contrasting colours will surely turn heads, making you feel like a fashion icon!


There is nothing sexier than a shiny patent orange shoe with a bold cut that will make you feel like the baddest woman out there. Dress modestly, but let them know you’re feisty too with a dash of a mute-coloured outfit and a plain hijab to follow, while you utilise accessories to its full extent to really let them know, “I’m not just any woman, I’m the woman.”


For the luxe and the metropolitan hijabi women who prefer low-pumps in classic black, adorned with a thin gold piping. With a black and gold colour combination, you can pair it with any outfit and you are good to go especially at a professional setting where you will surely be the boss wherever you go with your fit fashion sense.


As women, we are never far from being attracted to beauty and intricacy and a headscarf will not restrict us from all that is beautiful. While there are guidelines in Islam about what an individual (regardless of gender) can wear, we should never assume it is restricting or oppressive. As long as modesty is retained and comfort is achieved, there is no problem for a Muslim woman to be fashionable even if she dons the hijab.

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Cover image by The Independent

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