Your Story is EVERYTHING!

Everything else come second

In this day and age, marketing promotions and hard-selling just don’t cut it anymore if you want your business to succeed. Customers nowadays are all about authenticity, connecting with the brand and sustainable and conscious businesses.

The best way to convey these values to your audience is no other than storytelling. But in a world of saturated information, with so many other businesses as competitions, how do you stand out?

There’s definitely plenty to write about in this topic. But to make it relevant to the current situation we are in, I’ll share some tips based on my successful storytelling efforts this MCO.

  1. Multimedia is the most effective medium

Since the past few months, I’ve been making videos providing tips on businesses, personal branding, PR and lifestyle tips which have garnered more views compared to other normal postings.

This proves that humans are visual animals and we need to embrace it. Conveying your message through videos is also effective in connecting with the audience through emotions, and it’s easier to tell your brand or product story.

  1. Catchy headlines

Be honest. We all judge books by their covers. This is especially true when it comes to written materials. There’s nothing wrong with this, rather, it’s a great opportunity for us to stand out and grab attention.

By incorporating catchy headlines in articles, your clickrate increases because everybody is too busy to pay any attention to long and boring headlines.

At the end, it doesn’t matter if your content is amazing. If your headline and opening can’t interest the readers, there’s really no point to it.

  1. Be bold and go for it

A lot of people have the impression that they need to be professional and formal in their branding. But if that’s not who you are, the audience will be able to tell right away. To this, I say follow your guts and just be yourself!

Recently, I conducted a cooking lesson on the page and it became one of the most well-received contents I’ve ever produced. As a video to entertain those stuck at home, I also wanted to produce an educational content where the audience can learn how to cook a simple meal - an important life skill during these times.

As a result of the video where I shared happy meals I made during MCO, I was subsequently featured on The Sun as one of the reporters caught wind of it. It was unintentional, but I’m glad to share my story to even more people through the coverage.

If your story is well-told, there are so many benefits to reap just by connecting with your audience. There are also plenty of things you can consider to deliver your narrative and make yourself stand out.

Storytelling, along with technology, is always evolving and changing. To survive, we need to innovate and adapt with the times.

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