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4 Reasons Why Custom Shoes Are Worth Every Penny

A once in a lifetime experience

The thought of buying fully customized shoes can be quite a foreign concept to many. With a hefty price tag and the exclusiveness of it all, the bespoke scene can come off as intimidating. 

It's not anyone's fault though. Our culture is too ingrained with buying convenient pre-made shoes. But actually, buying customized shoes not only benefits the one wearing them, but also to the surrounding economic and environmental ecosystem.

Doesn't sound convincing yet? Here's 4 reasons to change your mind: 

1. Originality

Life is too short not to be yourself, and this is what XALF advocates for every day. Every single one of their designs is original, and it’s up to the ones donning the pair to tweak them however they want based on preference and personality.

This allows clients to be one-of-a-kind and go as quirky as they want. No two shoes will ever be identical and that’s saying something!

2. Authentic bespoke experience

The real bespoke experience emphasizes customization to a whole other level where clients are provided the options for premium materials such as types of padding, mediums and soles, right down to the colors and body materials. With XALF, the choices go up to over 60 types of leather and other materials.

All of XALF’s clientele are guided through a meticulous bespoke process that includes feet measuring, choosing their designs from a wide catalogue range, and a final fitting session after their pair of shoes have gone through the making process.

XALF guides all their customers to their perfect shoes every step of the way. 

3. Decades of expertise

The XALF shoemaking process is upheld by skilled craftsmen with more than 4 decades of shoemaking expertise, making sure each design is made-to-order for the perfect fit of their owners by taking into account the tiniest details and measurements.

XALF provides these craftsmen with a safety net in this challenging economy where the shoemaking industry is dominated by the mass-production market which has displaced many skilled craftsmen without a stable income.

4. The environment 

The pattern of consumerism in the world is causing many environmental issues to the planet. By ordering custom made shoes from XALF’s collections, you contribute less to product waste, energy loss and environmental pollution!

This is because they only produce made-to-order footwear, hence no bulk excess that no one is going to wear that will eventually contribute to more waste harmful to mother nature.

So, the next time you eye a decent looking pair of footwear at a retail store, don’t forget the negative impact of supporting the mass-market. 

Instead, consider making an original pair that will fit perfectly, feel like heaven and last for a lifetime. 

If you like what they stand for as a luxury bespoke brand, drop them a call at +6010 863 2887 and set up an appointment. 

For the latest updates, follow them at their Facebook and Instagram.

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