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5 Apps To Keep Your WFH Progress In Check

Essentials for those finding it hard to concentrate

The Movement Control Order (MCO) due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize two things. First, working from home, or WFH, is the future work culture. Second, WFH is easier said than done, considering the distractions and house chores begging for our attention, and not to mention the comfy bed lying just a few metres away, longing for our warm caress. 

While WFH does give us more flexibility and freedom, maintaining productivity and keeping ourselves motivated can be a real struggle. Which is why we’ve compiled these 5 apps to keep your work progress in check!

AND.CO is a time tracking app that not only tracks every minute of your working time, but also automatically generates your invoices based on tracked time. This is especially great for freelancers who bill clients based on hours spent. 

Available on all devices, users can also easily edit and customize their invoices through their clean user interface and super fast flow. 

For someone with plenty of tasks to accomplish, this app allows you to access your time sheets with activities and time-tracking listed. 

Other free accessible features of AND.CO include task management, customizing proposals and expense tracking. 

Freedom is a website tool and a mobile app that works as a blocker to keep all your online distractions away while you stay focussed and productive throughout your WFH period. 

In today’s day and age, every application, news portal, web page, social media and e-commerce sites are socially engineered to keep you wanting more. Sparing your attention to them will only cost your productivity to be staggered. 

By blocking out distractions, the Freedom app helps you develop healthier digital habits while giving you better control of your own time and focus. 

RescueTime is the perfect combination of functions from the two apps listed above. 

This award-winning app lets you block other distracting apps and websites while giving you the option to keep track of your time by scheduling custom sessions for work or study. 

Setting a time limit for blocked distractions will let you gain control of time spent on less-productive online activities while prioritizing your crucial tasks.

It doesn’t matter where you’re working from as long as you know how to stay productive and stay connected with your colleagues.

Slack allows your team’s conversations to stay organized through dedicated spaces called channels where everyone on the team can share their views, progress and purpose. 

Unlike email threads, Slack makes it easier to follow conversations or find important information in an easily searchable archive. 

While the other tools listed work great to keep you on your feet, Noisli is an app that keeps you deeply-focussed on the task at hand.

Offering aural cues that stimulate relaxation using customized background sounds, Noisli reduces external noise that can hinder your focus for longer periods of time. Suitable background sounds are also important to create a personalized environment to fuel creativity and productivity. 

Be it for work, study, or just to relax, Noisli is a digital space centered for focus to keep you away from this noisy world. 


Hopefully, these apps will be able to keep you motivated to work throughout this MCO. Now, it’s time to shut out all the distractions and get all your overdue tasks completed. Have fun and good luck!

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