5 Reasons Why Sugu Pavithra Is So Successful

You may get a few pointers on what it takes to be the next YouTube star.

It’s certainly shocking, but the Malaysian YouTube channel Sugu Pavithra was only started 5 months ago! Since January 2020, the YouTube channel has garnered a following of 569K subscribers to date, and this number is most likely to continue increasing. 

Ms S. Pavithra, a 28 year old who hails from Buntong, Ipoh, is the main personality behind Sugu Pavithra. The channel name takes the last names of her husband, M. Sugu and herself, S. Pavithra, which is befitting as they manage the account together. Featuring her sweet smile and delicious renditions of Malaysian dishes, their cooking videos have gained nationwide attention, including the Prime Minister’s! 

Just what is the secret to their popularity?

We’ve listed down the five crucial factors that we believe have undoubtedly contributed to the couple’s newfound fame. 

1. The Power of Social MediaSource: BERNAMA

Sugu Pavithra was born when Ms Pavithra’s friend suggested she start a YouTube channel. Soon, the joint channel by Ms Pavithra and her husband, M. Sugu, went viral on other social media platforms, namely Facebook and Whatsapp, as people shared their videos. The channel became so popular and a nationwide sensation that it garnered the attention of local news channels, Bernama, who went to the couple’s house in Ipoh to conduct an interview. Thanks to the interview, Sugu Pavithra’s initial number of 160K subscribers has been steadily increasing ever since. 

2. Language of UnitySource: Sugu Pavithra's YouTube channel

The command of Bahasa Malaysia among Malaysians who are not ethnically Malay has long been a debate, with many claiming that the language is underused and non-Malays often have problems speaking it. That’s why Ms Pavithra’s choice to use Bahasa Malaysia to narrate her videos and her fluency in the language, despite being ethnically Indian, has been widely praised by Malaysians. Besides being an unconventional choice, it is also a good marketing strategy because it allows the videos to reach a larger audience.

3. SimplicitySource: Sugu Pavithra's YouTube channel

In a world where high-end technology and branded kitchen equipment can be seen as an object of status, Sugu Pavithra shines through with their wok, two pots, spatula and rice cooker. Easily available and inexpensive ingredients are used to cook local favourites. Simple editing, which Ms Pavithra does when her children are asleep, is also a key point of the videos. These really showcase and highlight the authenticity of the couple’s videos. 

4. PersonalitySource: Sugu Pavithra's YouTube channel

Perhaps a pique of interest from the news or other social media platforms is what brings viewers to Sugu Pavithra’s channel, but what enthralls people to stay on and continue supporting them is Ms Pavithra’s attitude. Her humble and down-to-earth personality is what has won the hearts of Malaysians all over. Many agree that Ms Pavithra’s soft voice is soothing and calming to the ears, which adds an enjoyable and relaxing charm to her videos.

5. Real StoriesSource: Sugu Pavithra's YouTube channel

People love stories, especially ones that evoke nostalgia. The kitchen setting and utensils remind people of their grandmother and mother’s cooking in the olden days, and serves as a stark depiction of everyday Malaysian lives. Sugu Pavithra’s story of a young loving couple, living a simple life in an estate house with their two young children, further adds on to the appeal of stories that people are able to easily relate to. It also resonates well with our societal values.

All in all, Ms Pavithra shows us that we don’t need state-of-the-art equipment or a fully-decked kitchen to cook great meals — with the right ingredients and minimal tools, (AND a great personality) anyone can whip up good food.

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