Behind Every Great Man Is An Even Greater Father

“The product of who I am today is definitely a direct contribution of my dad” - Fadzli

Mohd Fadzli Sharif has worn many hats. 

He started his illustrious career as an auditor at Deloitte and later became a Corporate Finance & Investment Banking manager at AmInvestment Bank and a consultant at Khazanah.

At 28, he was made the CEO of Learning Port and invested about RM100 million to revolutionize the Malaysian education system. 

Currently, as the Director of Interstream, he is focused on big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Impressive track record. And he’s not even 40 yet!

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With such grit and determination to pursue excellence in his life, we who are always hungry for noteworthy stories, knew we had dig up the secret behind his success.

And find it we did. It’s none other than Mohd Sharif Baharuddin - his father.

After an hour-long chat with this jolly father-son duo here’s a few takeaways to get you bonding with your children - or parents! 

1. Don’t shut your ears

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Growing up in an Asian culture, parents tend to assume that they know better than their children.

In terms of character, Sharif and Fadzli are polar opposites. Fadzli is an extrovert who is not afraid to speak his mind and is strong in his beliefs while Sharif is a more patient man and a very good listener.

Sharif encouraged Fadzli since young to be honest and open about what he wants. Growing up,  Fadzli was comfortable with opening up to his father or going to him whenever he encountered problems. Sharif was also a huge role model in Fadzli’s life by inculcating the virtue of patience and to always take a step back at every hurdle instead of making rash decisions .

“I cannot remember the time when he wasn't there. When you are there for your kids, they have a very strong, solid foundation in them, they feel safe, and they feel very strong” said Fadzli.

2. It’s all about love

Image via Fadzli

Sharif told us, “When I say love, what I mean is I will guide them, I will protect them, I will lead them and support them.”

When Fadzli was 7 years old, his school called Sharif one day saying that Fadzli stole someone’s mechanical pencil. Sharif was in disbelief as he recalled going to the stationary shop to get Fadzli his school supplies just a few days ago.

Immediately, Sharif knew that Fadzli may have been wronged and decided that he had to stand up and protect his son. So he went to school to have a word with the headmaster and even showed the headmaster the receipt from the stationary shop.

“That moment taught me a lot of things. No 1, the importance of a father in a kid's life. And No 2, his presence in school, standing in front of my headmaster, protecting me, arguing for me, gave me a huge sense of confidence in life. Because I have zero doubt whether my dad loves me, whether my dad would stand up for me, whether my dad would support me” said Fadzli.

This simple story is a testament to how a father’s love can move mountains and instill much positivity in their children’s lives.

3. A father’s advice













Image via Fadzli

What exactly made Fadzli the successful person that he is today? Just 2 simple pieces of advice from his dad.

First off, "All I want from my children is at least they become the same level as me, or even better." Sharif used to work as a General Manager of Brand Operations in Bank Rakyat. And as a banker, he strongly believes in upholding his integrity at the workplace and that was one of the most important values that was imparted to Fadzli since he was a child.

“I always refer to this particular sentence. And if it's aligned with that, then I go for it. If it's gonna disappoint my dad, then I'll probably stay away from it” Fadzli added. 

Secondly, “In life, it doesn't matter what happened in the beginning, and what happened in the middle. What really matters is how you end it." Realizing that, Fadzli affirmed to himself that he will always do his very best and he can push all the way through to the end. And it’s okay when things go bad, because he firmly believes that that is just the middle part, and not the end.

Fathers are their child's first superhero. The power of a father in a child’s life is unmatched.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers in the world!

Watch the interview now for a heartwarming Father’s Day message of love:


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