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Celebrating A Legacy

With limited edition suede sneakers

People have been standing up for justice and equality for as long as the world can remember. 

But, the most memorable time when justice and equality fought for had to be during the 1968 Summer Olympics when American former track and field athlete, Tommie Smith had a pair of PUMA Suede next to him on the podium when he raised his fist, standing up for justice and equality.

Tommie Smith at the 1968 Olympics with the PUMA Suede

The iconic and symbolic moment has since then made the PUMA Suede to become an icon; a shoe made to last for all of time.

And so, this year, sports company PUMA seeded a limited edition of the iconic Suede silhouette to their brand ambassadors, athletes and key partners; to commemorate Tommie Smith’s legacy and his fight towards universal equality.

The renowned sports company kicked off their new focus and rebirth of the Suede with a limited seeding of premium Suedes as a means to honour the legacy of both Tommie and the shoe’s iconic moment. 

“One of the first shoes I wore was the PUMA Suede, I just liked it,” reminisced Tommie

Smith on his partnership with the German sports brand. “To me, the historic chapter of the

PUMA shoe was the personality of the people that wore it and the notoriety that it brought to me by helping my family out, and now, I’m part of that family – that’s why I put it on a highmark.”

Tommie Smith, former American track and field athlete

Being with PUMA for 50 years, Tommie views the company as a family rather than a brand that gave him shoes to run. “And the shoes that I ran in you saw on the victory stand, and that was a social positive for me, to run for something that would grow later on in a way that I could help others as PUMA helped me move through that particular difficult time.”

Tommie also discusses the meaning behind his symbolic stand in an interview, and how a silhouette, like the PUMA Suede, can come to represent more than just a shoe.

PUMA Suede

Being such an iconic pair of shoes, it has always been an intrinsic part of history, and will continue to be so for all of time.

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