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Dealing With Bullies at Work

When they graduate the playground and continue to torment you into adulthood

Bullies are everywhere. You think you escaped them when you left school? Think again. They can be found at work, too.

They are the ones with anger management issues, or unresolved deep-rooted trauma that causes them to unleash their rage on others just to make themselves “feel better”. And who ends up taking the heat? You.

The thing is, some people do not realise they are being bullied, or what constitutes being bullied.

1. Are you constantly getting yelled at?Image via Studyfinds

Getting screamed at in boardrooms, or by clients, during heated discussions or arguments happens once in a while (although it really shouldn’t) but what if you are getting yelled at constantly? And constantly for no reason?

Then yes, you are being bullied.

2. Harsh words are thrown at youImage via

Sure, yelling is bad enough. But what about getting insulted to your face? And in front of everyone else?

This humiliation is not only degrading, but also demoralising.

One more thing you need to know is that your bullies thrive on making you look and feel bad, and get satisfaction from it. So keep your chin up and stand up for yourself!

3. Feeling dread or intimidated near the bully

Image via Tenor

This is when they start getting under your skin, having seeped through your pores through your ears.

You begin to fear them, and it is exactly what they want!

Your bully is just another human being. Remember that they have no power over you.

4. Credits for your work are stolenImage via High Speed Training

So, it was you who burned the midnight oil trying to get the project done by the due date. You were the one who sat in front of your laptop, conducting research after research, making phone calls, and sacrificing personal plans but who claimed to do all the work?

Yep, that big bully.

When enough is enough

1. Set limits on what you will tolerate

Tell them what your boundaries are, and be firm about it. Make it clear to them that overstepping these lines will only show their unprofessionalism, and if anyone is going to be embarrassed about this, it should be them.

Give them a taste of their own medicine once in a while.

2. The good old silent treatment

Disengage with them, on all accounts.

If they say something hurtful, just pretend you are not listening. If they are yelling and screaming at you, put your earphones on -- let them look like the crazy person that they are. If it starts to disrupt your work concentration, leave the room.

Soon enough, they will start to feel bored playing by themselves.

3. Start stacking up evidences

If your bully is known to steal all the credit for your work, start documenting your folders, emphasizing the date and author of the file. If they start shouting at you, record their embarrassing behaviour. If the harassment persists through text messages, even better -- screenshot the whole thing!

You have to change the rules of the game if you want to win.

4. Start gathering witnesses, too

Chances are, you are not the only one being bullied here. There are probably a few other colleagues who are also bullied by this individual and are just out for blood like you are.

Round up and show the bully your power in numbers! Also, be sure that your colleagues also collect evidence to strengthen your case.

Now this will be a solid case for the HR department.

Don’t ever feel embarrassed if someone is giving you a hard time. Be upfront about it, and show them that you are not someone to be messed with!

A bully’s behaviour says more about themselves than it does about you.

Cover image via USA Today 

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