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Harms Of Incorrectly Fitted Footwear

What’s the point of looking stylish when you’re hurting yourself?

Have you ever had your eyes locked on a pair of shoes only to be heartbroken because the shoes are unavailable in your size? But then again, it’s only a one size difference. Who knows when you will be able to get this pair ever again?

Well, you will come to regret that decision in the long-term because ill-fitting shoes will bring more serious harm than you would ever think!

1. Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a medical condition in which an individual’s nerves outside of the brains and spinal cords (peripheral nerves) are damaged. This will cause weakness, numbness and pain usually in the hands and feet. Neuropathy will also cause you to lose feeling in your feet, resulting in your ability to feel where your feet are to decrease.

Image via Johns Hopkins Medicine

2. Ingrown toenails

Ouch! Even reading the headline is enough to cause shivers. Ingrown toenails are nothing to be taken lightly. They are painful and can even cost you an amputation as an ingrown toenail left untreated can lead to infection to the underlying bone and could ultimately lead to a bone infection.

3. Decreased quality of life

Imagine going to a party in your favourite pair of shoes even if your feet have outgrown them a bit. You thought you could enjoy the party because hey, at least your shoes are cute. There is nothing enjoyable about a pair of shoes hurting its owners’ feet; not just at a party, but on every occasion. Seriously, how can you enjoy anything with a pair of shoes that is constantly hurting you?

Image via Healthgrades

4. Bunions

Poorly-fitted shoes can cause your big toe to bend towards the index toe, leading to the joint coming out of its socket or better known as bunions. Bunions most commonly affect women due to wearing pointed-toe heels amongst other causes and it can be hard to search for a shoe that can snugly fit bunioned feet, so perfectly fitted shoes are important to prevent discomfort from bunions.

Image via Wexner Medical Center - The Ohio State University

But apparently, squeezing feet into ill-fitting shoes have been practiced for a whole millennium! Except, it’s more extreme.

The History of Foot Binding

The act of foot binding was found in China where the Chinese would literally break and tightly bind the feet of young girls from the age of 3 to 5 in order to change the shape and size of their feet. Now, why would one indulge in this barbaric act?

During the time of practice, bound feet was a measurement for status and a mark of beauty. Bound feet or better known as lotus feet had shoes specially made, which were known as lotus shoes. The size of the lotus feet could not have been longer than roughly 10 centimetres which is about 2 centimetres less than an iPhone 6. Imagine that!

Having such small feet, these women endured complications that made their daily life a struggle. Having bound feet would drastically affect the women’s balance, her ability to walk, and her posture. Bound feet also caused the burden of weight to shift to the lower body which put pressure on the pelvis, causing pelvic pain. Due to having  such a small surface area, it proved to be hard for the Chinese girls and women practicing foot binding to rise from a seated position, let alone bend and squat—they were at the constant risk of falling and injuring themselves.

Additionally, foot binding practitioners were also at the risk of a feet infection. With the lack of hospitals back in the day, it was easier to get infected and harder to get treated. Despite being taught to religiously care and clean for their feet and wrappings, their feet will still grow in time with adulthood. Due to the toes curling downwards from the binding, the toenails would also grow downward and then into the flesh resulting in infection. It’s painful to even think about!

Image via Smithsonian Magazine

Beauty Is NOT Pain

Like every other part of your body, your feet should also be cared for well and thorough. No one should experience immeasurable pain and discomfort just to feel pretty. That is why at XALF, we encourage men and women alike to have perfectly made-to-measure shoes for extreme comfort and confidence with every stride so you won’t have to torture yourself for beauty.

Ergo, here at XALF we take only the most meticulous steps to ensure our clients have a pair of luxury bespoke footwear fait sur mesure for their feet where we take the precise measurement of our clients’ feet; width, length and even depth which will then be sent to the shoe factory where your shoe mould will be produced. Clients can also choose the design of their choice from our available collections or bring in their own design for us to work with including the height of their heel that they are most comfortable with! 

After all, at XALF’s luxury bespoke footwear brand, it’s all about the comfort of our clients’ feet. We care for your feet, and so should you.

Creative director Alfred Hor taking measurements of a customer

To book an appointment with XALF for your own pair of bespoke shoes, call us at +6010 863 2887!

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