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Preparing Your Home for a Job Interview

Because your home is an extension of yourself

You are sitting at home in the midst of the pandemic when you receive that call: an invitation to an interview for the job of your dreams!

And the interview will be conducted from the comforts of your own home!

Before you start jumping up and down with excitement, take a look at your surroundings first: is your home fit for a virtual interview?

Let's start the assessment!

1. Lighting

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Great lighting does wonders in elevating your professional outlook. It makes the space around you appear cleaner and neater. Your interviewer will also see your bright, winning smile!

You do not have to go the extra mile and install a chandelier just for the sake of your interview, though. Simple, bright fluorescent lights are enough to do the trick! Make sure they are strategically implanted to make sure every corner of the room is well-lit. Also, try to avoid sitting near direct sunlight as shadows will be casted over your face.

2. Noise

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When it comes to noise interference, most people will resort to using big, noise-cancelling headphones. However, you need to remember that your interviewer needs to be able to hear you clearly too!

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While it is impossible to eliminate noises like the road construction going on near your house or the sound of your neighbour’s baby crying, what you can do, however, is try to minimise them. Spread out the fluffiest rugs or carpets you have to absorb the noise pollution. Heavy curtains, throw pillows, anything goes!

In fact, wall hangings like tapestry also have the same function -- they can help reduce echo. Also, if you have noisy neighbours, try rearranging your furniture in order to absorb noise coming from adjoining walls. Having soft, cushy furniture can help too!

3. Interview Backdrop

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What about your background? No, not your professional background -- that should have been established in your resume -- but your virtual interview background.

Your interviewers are probably interviewing more than 20 candidates, so having an interesting ‘backdrop’ decor can help you stand out from your competitors!

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As cliche as it sounds, showing a bookcase is your safest bet as it suggests intelligence. While you are at it, select the most intellectual books you have and prop them up (but don’t be too obvious about it) to impress your interviewers! Perhaps, you could also display a few souvenirs from your previous travels to hint at having a cultured personality.

A little tip: make sure you tidy up your bed and make sure your bed is not seen. It is too personal and might come off as unprofessional. There is a saying that goes, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

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How do you feel about your virtual interview now? Do you feel more prepared? Remember, you are at home where you feel safe and most comfortable. Use that to your advantage! And with these pointers, your odds of securing that job is now higher than before.

Also, don’t lounge in your house clothes just because you are at home! You still need to dress to impress.

Do your best and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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