Millennials, Rejoice! Property You Can Actually Afford Is Finally Here!

When we say affordable, we don’t mean dirt cheap. After all, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

Believe it or not, the development Myra Alam by OIB Group has actually convinced us that their property is worth the space and price compared to properties by other developers.

Here’s what their General Manager of Sales and Marketing Wendy Lim said:

“So while some developments seem bigger in terms of the overall project and cheaper in terms of the individual house, they often miss the fact that the houses being offered are far too small for landed homes and growing families. “

While a lot of homebuyers only look at the final price, most usually regret their choice upon finding out that the space that they bought are actually inadequate and unable to adapt to their growing needs.

But with Myra Alam, “you’ll find the right amount of space at the right price”!

Are you a young professional? Building a family? You can stop looking.

For many first-timers, buying a house can be overwhelming. But with Myra Alam’s quality and affordable homes, it will be perfect for young adults, adding that residents will also be able to live closer to their workplace for the utmost convenience.

Another reason why it’s perfect for young adults is because the Puncak Alam area, where Myra Alam is, is shifting its agro-based industry into a modern township with advanced road systems, infrastructure, and amenities.

This allows the new residents to grow and flourish alongside the town and help it transition into a modern city, while bringing more meaningful relationships to the residents living there.

Nature’s haven

What makes it even more unique is that Myra Alam takes it up another level by embodying a feel of nature with trees and greenery being the theme of their development.

Residents will get to wake up every morning to the ambience of absolute tranquility with lush greenery amidst the sights and sounds of a vibrant ecosystem.

And if that’s not enough, we’re pretty sure you’re not ready for what we’re revealing next - they even have an iconic gazebo for families to leisure around as children keep themselves busy playing in the beautiful Myra’s Playland.


So...what are you waiting for? Head on to Myra Alam's website and check out your future home!

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