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Optimising Your Work From Home Experience

Because you need a conducive working environment to be productive

In the face of the pandemic, we are all forced to adapt in order to contain the virus from spreading. Thus, the concept of remote working has been introduced and might continue to be a growing trend beyond Covid-19.

While some people are joyful at being able to skip out on daily traffic and commute, some people are facing difficulties in trying to convert their home into a working space. In fact, working within the comforts of your safety zone might feel somewhat intrusive.

Which of these categories do you fall into? If it’s the latter, then read on!

1. Make sure you have all your gears

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From screen monitors, headphones, adequate lighting and a comfortable chair to sink into, these gadgets are important factors in setting up a home office. Not only do they make carrying out your tasks more convenient, it also puts you into the “working” headspace and keeps your motivation up.

Your ‘work from home’ equipment differs depending on your career. Say, if you happen to be an animator, then you need a high-tech graphic tablet and a cozy chair to survive your long day of drawing and sketching. If you are an audio engineer, then you need gigantic speakers to be able to hear your own work!

And don’t forget the most fundamental thing: a stable internet connection.

2. Setting boundaries between professional and personal life

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When you are working from home, it is easy for the line between professional commitments and personal life to blur. This is especially when these two parts of your life coincides within the same room.

The trick is to establish rules with your housemates, such as “I’ll be working till noon. See you at the dining table at lunch!” However, it might be harder for young children and, uh, pets, to understand your need to focus on work. So instead, find a quiet room that you can have all to yourself. They can’t distract you if they can’t see you!

And to avoid getting burnt-out, remember to log off as soon as your working hours are over. While it is easy to get wrapped up in work when you are living at work, you need to know when to stop. Your life needs to be lived, too.

3. Dressing for work

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You get out of bed, you shower, and you put on your comfy home clothes.

While some people function even better when they feel comfortable, some people end up feeling too comfortable that they get sleepy! And with their bed just waiting in the next room, it is hard to resist the temptation.

The trick is, if you can’t go to work, you get dressed like you are going to work.

Do your hair, put on your makeup, put on your formal clothing and better yet, put on your socks! This will put you in the right mindset and prevent you from slacking off. And look at it this way: as soon as you are ready to log off, you can immediately change into something comfortable to celebrate your hard-earned rest.

Wouldn’t that feel more satisfying?

4. Staying connected

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Silence can be lonely at times, especially when you are overburdened with a workload that seems to be piling on faster than you can get it done, no matter how hard you try. It is also easy to get trapped in your head and feel overwhelmed by stress when you are sitting alone at your desk in front of your laptop.

You know what? Your colleagues are probably feeling the same way.

So check in on each other! Take a few minutes off -- your work will still be piling anyway -- to ask how one another is feeling, and if they need any help. Not only will this strengthen the camaraderie between your team members, it will also lift your spirits knowing you have support.

5. Set up some live plants to keep you company!

Image via Pods

How about some green plants to keep you grounded and relaxed as you rush through those gruelling eight hours of work?

House plants can reduce anxiety and stress, as well as keep your blood pressure low. Scientifically, plants give off oxygen that can help boost your mind to its optimal function.

Don’t fret if you do not have green-thumbs! You can always start small with plants that are easy to care for.

Image via HRM Asia 

Working from home does not have to be stressful!

Being surrounded by your own home environment and your loved ones also gives us a chance to save money on tolls, parking, and commute. And when the stress gets overwhelming, you can always remove yourself from the desk for a five-minute break to cuddle your pet before jumping back in.

Let’s try and make the best of it!

To learn about useful apps to keep your WFH progress in check, click here.

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