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Pair Your Christmas Outfit With Luxury Bespoke Footwear

Serve some looks this Christmas with XALF

Christmas is a time for gathering and celebrating and when there’s a crowd, we would always want to look our best. So we look through our closet for the fittest outfit before the Christmas party but nothing in the closet will make you look good! Well, maybe it’s something you rarely pay attention to: shoes.

Some people think others won’t pay attention to the footwear of others, but truth be told, the shoes are what complements and enhances an outfit so even if you wore the prettiest dress but complete the look with a pair of flip-flops, it’s never going to look good.

Hence, why we’re here to help you with your Christmas outfit paired with our very own luxury bespoke shoes! Ladies first, shall we?

1. Red Cascade

Red for Christmas? How festive… and sexy! Pair this fiery, red hot footwear with a long dress of the same colour and complete the look with a pair of gold earrings embossed with intricate designs. Not only will your look bring sexy back, it will also exude bold elegance like never before. This outfit is perfect for those who love being the center of attention at parties.

2. The Ballroom Blitz

If you don’t feel like being the center of attention, go neutral! With this pink beige shoe, a neutral colour palette for your outfit would match best. Pair your shoes with a soft coloured short skirt and a long beige plaid cardigan. December is a cold season wherever it is, so why not keep warm while staying fashionable? The neutral colours mixed together will give off a soft yet classy air about you.

3. Empress

For the rock-and-roll souls, you can always opt for black; a classic colour! Black is one of the easiest colours to match with any outfit, so Empress will let you be versatile in your wardrobe choices. Pair it with any top, bottom or dress and complete the look with golden accessories and a dark, shimmer eye makeup. Looking sexy, classy and elegant all at once; you will look drop-dead (pun intended) gorgeous!

Of course, men should also look just as good and dapper. Fortunately, this is our XALF Homme collection’s expertise.

4. Adonis

If your partner for the night has chosen to go for Red Cascade or dress in Empress, then your wisest choice would be to dress up with Adonis! The classic black will give the wearer a gentlemanly silhouette next to a lady dressed in elegance. Match the shoes with a soft coloured suit such as beige or pearl river grey; contrasting from the classic black-tie suit to allow the shine of the shoes to pop.

5. Ambrose

If you are looking to wear something more casual, pair Ambrose with a beige top and brown pants to achieve that three-toned brown look. But, if you are feeling fancy, you can also wear the classic navy blue suit, paired with a red tie so the different colours worn will pop due to the contrast. A long cardigan or coat as your outerwear is a good additional option to your outfit and hey, maybe it will make you feel like a Korean drama actor!

Fashion is not hard. It is just the act of mixing and matching two different things together to make it look good, and what looks better than feeling comfortable in what you wear? Look sexy, elegant, classy, fabulous as long as you are comfortable! Of course, our XALF bespoke shoes will provide you the optimum comfort for your feet and will let you dress to impress.

Oh, what is so special about XALF bespoke shoes? Everything! The attention to detail, the personalisation, the one-of-a-kind design only for you--it’s all made for you.

To book an appointment with XALF for your own pair of bespoke shoes, call them at +6010 863 2887!

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