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Revolutionary Changes Of Kitchens And Baths

Cosentino commemorates its 40th anniversary with an exclusive live interview on the evolution of kitchens and bathrooms.

Remember when we were younger and the kitchen felt rough with the scratches and dish stains from daily cooking. 

What about the bathrooms? The toothpaste stains on the surface and the discolouration from being rubbed too hard in an attempt to remove the stains only made the scratch even worse than the ones in the kitchen.

Forget the fear of accidentally ruining the surfaces, despite the nostalgia. Now, interior designs and technology of kitchen and baths have refined themselves after decades of revolution. 10-20 years ago, consumers may not feel the need to invest so much for kitchen and bath surfaces as they did not feel it necessary to spend too much time in these two areas, but with the ever changing trends and difference of lifestyle per era, the industry has revolutionised their products to fit what the consumers need suited to the times.

Recently, Cosentino, the world leader in innovative surfaces held a Facebook live to share about the evolution of kitchen and baths and it’s latest launch, “The Collection Dekton® 2020” in conjunction with their 40th anniversary. The live sharing featured visionary industry professionals; Mark Collar, General Manager of Cosentino Malaysia; Alex Lee, Director of Nu Infinity and Isaac Lim, Director of Mieux Designs to talk about how interior designing affects the functionality of kitchen and baths, how it has evolved and more.

Mark Alban Collar - General Manager of Cosentino Malaysia

Alex Lee - Director of Nu Infinity

Isaac Lim - Director of Mieux Design

2 decades ago, a kitchen and a bathroom was just a place to prepare meals and groom ourselves. But now, it is a place for people to bond and relax after a long day from a busy lifestyle. As decades go by and the demands and expectations of these rooms also evolve to suit each individual’s personal style and needs.

Fret not about watching the whole interview, we’ve summed it up so you won’t have to miss out!

1. The Roles Of Kitchen And Baths

Dekton® Liquid - Liquid Sky

When a kitchen has more space, people are more inspired and inclined to do more cooking and spend more time in the kitchen due to the comfort and ambiance. And the same goes for bathrooms. The more spacious it is, the more comfortable a person can relax and cool off after a long day. 

To paint a picture, whenever we look for Airbnb’s on our holidays, we tend to survey how the kitchen and bathroom looks too, correct? Because we want comfort and relaxation, more so when on vacation.

2. How The Pandemic Has Changed The Residential Scene

Dekton® Liquid - Liquid Shell

With the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of companies have faced economical issues. However, the residential scene has not been affected much according to the consumer’s spending behaviour, shared Isaac and Alex.

With the announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO), the society has been spending more time in the house as a safety measure from the pandemic; both for themselves and others.

Thus, according to Isaac, when people stay inside their homes for a longer period of time they will start noticing how their homes look and how it feels to be in a certain area for a prolonged time.

“...and they’ll start to think, How can I improve this space? How can I make it better?”  - Isaac

3. Consumers' Needs And Expectations

Dekton® Avant-Garde'20 - Khalo

Alex also highlighted the communications between an interior designer and clients. When clients ask for a change of tabletops, Alex would make sure his clients get the best of both practicality and aesthetic. No one should spend and invest in a surface that is impractical or displeasing to the eyes. Killing two birds with one stone, according to him. Thus, clients have to do their part in understanding well what their needs are, and how they will optimise their space so the designers can choose what is best for them.

Additionally, before acceding to his clients’ requests, Alex would make sure to ask his clients whether they will use the kitchen frequently. If the answer was yes, it would be better for the clients to invest more for the kitchen.

“The more comfortable a kitchen, the more functional it is.” - Alex Lee

4. How To Be A Smart Consumer

Dekton® Avant-Garde'20 - Helena

In the hour long live session, the panel speakers also emphasised how clients should understand their lifestyle and needs to make the most out of their kitchens and baths. This is to avoid unrealistic expectations from design demands and technology. They also shared practical tips to aid consumers with smaller space on how to make the most of the area such as reducing the size or using dual-function appliances and fully utilising corners and choosing the right colour combination to avoid a cluttered look.

Besides opting to invest more in a durable countertop, Isaac also suggested; “Reduce the amount of accessories and choose more affordable drawers” for a more cost-savvy solution and optimising less storage.

Kitchens and bathrooms are a long-term investment and Cosentino’s latest launch, “The Collection Dekton® 2020” will not disappoint. 40 years in the surface market game, Cosentino has refined their products to greater levels; which boasts of high UV —so you can place your tabletop by the window with a peace of mind scratch, stain, high fire, heat, abrasion, freezing and thawing resistant. 

“I think everyone is looking at long-lasting products. Consumers want to make sure that their countertops are well-designed, and maintenance free,” Collar said.

If you are unsure of how well it would fit with your interior concept, Cosentino also provides a 3D online tool for consumers to view their kitchen designs by patterning their kitchen colours, edges and sinks.

To watch the full ‘Revolution and Remodelling of Fine Kitchens and Baths’ live, do visit You can also go to, call 03-9212 7633 or pay a visit to the Cosentino showroom to learn more about the Cosentino DNA and its products from their renowned brands like Silestone, Dekton and Sensa.

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