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Are You Loving Your Mom the Right Way?

This Mother’s Day, it’s all about really understanding how she wants to be loved

Let me let you in on a little secret: If you’ve always struggled over ways to show your mom how much you love her and how grateful you are to have her in your life, then chances are you don’t know what her love language is and aren’t expressing your love for her in the right way. 

You’re probably wondering “There’s a right way to love my mom?” or “Love language? What’s that?” Well, the answer is yes, there is! Love language is basically how we express our love for others and experience love ourselves. Everyone has a love language and knowing your and your loved ones’ love language is important because it’s essential in understanding how to show that we love and care for them. Find out what your mom’s is and how to communicate your love and gratitude below!


1/ Words of affirmation

If your mom’s love language is words of affirmation, that means she feels loved most when people affirm, recognize, acknowledge, and actively listen to her. For mothers who have this love language, expressing your love and gratitude for her can be as simple as just telling her so! Of course, you can also write her a letter or make a memory jar, remembering every word of encouragement she’s ever given you and exchanging inspirational messages — it would mean the world to her.  

2/ Physical touch

Some people require physical touch to feel loved. For this type of mom, the most important thing is to give her lots of hugs and kisses, just like she always does to you, while telling her how much you appreciate her or giving her a gift to show that you love her. 

3/ Receiving gifts

People who like receiving presents does not necessarily mean they’re materialistic. Some people just like the feeling of getting presents, and if your mom is one of them, here’s one way you can express your love and gratitude for her: make a handmade gift. It can be a simple thank you card, or an elaborate scrapbook; a DIY bouquet made from flowers in your garden, or a video montage of the family. Either way, she’ll love it because it’s all about the effort that you put into making the perfect thank you gift for her.  

4/ Quality time

For those who value quality time, all they want is to be together with their loved ones! What better way to show your love and gratitude for your mom by gathering the family for a celebratory home cooked feast and movie night? With the quarantine and social distancing effect in place, you can always do this virtually as well: Netflix party and Skype the whole family right from the comfort of your living room!

5/ Acts of service

If this is your mom’s love language, she loves it when others offer to do things for her. To show your gratitude, doing something to lessen her burden, such as taking over all the household chores and prepping a full-course meal for lunch or dinner, will be the best way to show your love and gratitude for your mom. She will definitely feel loved that you’ve gone out of the way to take her responsibilities for the day. 

You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to show your gratitude and love to your mom. In fact, now that you understand how to express it, we should consistently cherish our mothers and be thankful for how much they’ve done and sacrificed for us. Remember: even the smallest gestures count, and a little bit goes a long way!


*If you’re still unsure what your mom’s love language is, here’s a quiz to help you find out: You can send it to her and your other loved ones and share the results so that you all have a better understanding of each other's' love languages. 


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