Timepieces That Make You Go! WTH!

Red Army Watches accessories are jaw-dropping and affordable

Did you know that the average price of luxury watches in Malaysia spans far beyond a comfortable range for the working class?

Let’s say that a certain timepiece costs about RM9,000. Give and take about RM400 a month in savings, you’d have to save for up to TWO years, just for a watch.

And please, don’t even think about taking out a personal loan. *facepalm*

But what if you were told that there are more affordable options out there with quality just as good, if not better, as the mainstream brands?

The daredevil of watches
Noticing that there’s been a huge gap between cheaper watches with luxury brands, Red Army Watches saw an opportunity to make a name for themselves by bringing in mid-range watches from indie European brands.

So, besides being more affordable, their watches also do not conform to the mainstream rule and clique, thus providing a fresh outlook on how wristwatches and other accessories can add value to your lifestyle.

It shows in their designs
The pieces that Red Army Watches offer attract a more ‘rebellious’ audience and those with very niche interests, and their designs say it all.

Brands such as Azimuth, Sevenfriday, Orodeus, REC Watches, Sturmanskie, The Electricianz and many others, are nothing short of impressive when it comes to concepts and designs.

For instance, some of the designs by Sevenfriday and REC Watches are inspired by automobile, and in some cases literally assembled with physical pieces of legendary cars!

Aesthetic pleasures aside, many of the watches also carry rich narrative and truly unique storytelling - making you feel like a part of history.

Sounds like your kind of brand? Then head on to for more information.

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