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CNY 2021 Zodiac Lucky Colours

Yes! Your daily colour selection can change your luck stroke.

What if we told you that the colours we wear or decorate our house with can affect your luck this year? No, we are not making this up, lucky colours according to your zodiac sign can potentially affect your blessings and shortcomings this year!

Read on to find out what colours will bring you luck or misfortune this Year of the Metal Ox.

Year of the Ox

Anyone born in the Year of the Ox, who prefers silver and white in 2021 would have a strongly desirable outcome. Looking for a new job or seeking any new opportunities? White and other luminous colours will also offer positive opportunities for you as well. Silver shades are perfect for jewelry, but they can also be used as pieces in your closet or for home decoration.

However, this zodiac will not  profit a great deal from colours such as red and orange. Therefore, keeping away from them is better.

Year of the Rat

Aqua blue and green will prove fortunate all through the year 2021 for everyone born in the year of the Rat. The colour of faith, integrity, and loyalty is blue. The blue hue enhances the immune defense ability, and cellular regeneration is greatly improved. Whereas the colour green is said to relax us mentally and physically. If you are struggling academically, green is the colour for you!

However, this zodiac will not  profit a great deal from colour such as pink. Therefore, keeping away from them is better.

Year of the Rabbit

Cha-ching! Who does not like the sound of getting money? To attract wealth and health benefits we advise you to wear silver on Thursdays. Metallic gold and silver are your lucky colours for this year. The gold colour is the symbol for power, while silver is a dynamic color that can make someone stand out.

Even though green is a symbol for peace, it might not be your favourable colour for 2021.

Year of the Tiger

If you are zodiac sign is the tiger, it is extremely advantageous for you to wear blue on Sundays.

Wear shades of blue and grey whether you are searching for wisdom, peacefulness, better health or have a desire to be more fortunate in the future.

If you want to prevent adverse planetary impacts, experts warn you to stay away from black.

Year of the Dragon

The emblem of power, combativeness, mobility, and innocence is red. Red will offer you good luck with your projects. With that, serene green and blue are your go to colours for the year 2021. To tackle irritability, green is effectively used. For individuals who have anger issues or for those suffer from severe nervousness, this colour is a perfect sedative.

Whereas, orange does not strike luck for the Dragon in 2021!

Year of the Snake

Yellow like the bright sunshine! For those struggling with financial problems, wearing  bright yellow will bring luck. It will raise the spirits of the person , make them calm and create a cheerful mood for them. Sky blue and peach are also associated very fortunately with the zodiac Snake.

However, fiery red seems to be unlucky territory for this zodiac sign this year.

Year of the Goat

Feeling unlucky on a Saturday? Before leaving home, plan an outfit with the colours gray, blue, and black. These solid colours will keep you relaxed and stop you from losing your calm! Blue helps us to open up to all that is lofty and magnificent around us with excitement.

Say no to fuschia or pink as they can be unlucky for you in 2021.

Year of the Horse

For the year 2021, the zodiac Horse born will see white, silver, vanilla and red as their most favorable shades. Red has a seductive hue that sets every outfit apart. It is seen as giving luck and generating good energies.

Generally, it is appropriate for your zodiac sign to stay away from purple and pink colours.

Year of the Rooster

The Year of the Rooster born should trust the strength of pink and blue for good luck. You will also get outstanding outcomes in silver and white shades. Pink is generally the perfect colour for romance whereas blue contributes to peaceful vibes.

However even though pink and purple are close in the color spectrum, be careful not to mix them up as purple is not favourable for this zodiac.

Year of the Monkey

Drawing luck on your path can be done by wearing pale yellow on Thursdays. Positivity and performance are linked to gray and bright blue.

As it might not be favorable in the year ahead, it is advisable to not use the colour red too much.

Year of the Dog

Indian red, yellow and white are your zodiac’s colour, similar to a bright red sun in the sky!

For those looking for intimacy & passion, red is also an excellent choice. Security & stability is also synonymous with the colour red.

Whereas, the colour green seems to be not your lucky color for 2021!

Year of the Pig/Boar

Is your love life in need of a wee bit of luck? Wear fuchsia pink. It will allegedly foster intimacy, love, and passion. Yellow and green are also favourable colours that could help you reach your desired goals.

On the other hand, red might not be your highlight colour for this year.

Life without colours would be so dull and boring. Try it out ! It’s always a fun idea to play around with colours.

With that said, we wish everybody a Prosperous Chinese New Year full of happiness and blessings. We hope the tips we share will help you make this year an unforgettable Chinese New Year of the Ox.

Let us know if your luckstroke has improved through colors. Share it with us at!


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