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Ever Wondered What Our Motherland Tastes Like?

You can taste them through Harriston’s chocolates!

Harriston’s chocolates are as eccentric and unique as Malaysians!The fact that each state has their own delicacy is a no brainer to everyone, but did you know that cocoa beans from each state tastes different as well?

Your perception that all chocolates have a similar taste will immediately change after savouring Harriston’s Single Origin Chocolate Bars. If Willy Wonka has his own little helpers, Harriston too has a few magic tricks up their sleeves in creating that perfect chocolate.

Harriston Single Origin_Titiwangsa

Connoisseurs of chocolates, the Titiwangsa Single Origin is made for you! Sourced from the Semai native village in Pahang, the chocolate bars have a complex aftertaste of saké, seafood, roasted rice, amber caramel, lightly roasted cashew and red tea.

Harriston Single Origin_Hulu Selangor

On a whole different spectrum, the Hulu Selangor Single Origin gives a more fermented taste range of jaggery, spice, saffron, tart cherry and citrus. It is a wonder how different parts of Malaysia taste differently!

Harriston Single Origin_Raub


The highlight of the Single Origin chocolate bars is the gluten-free, vegan, nut-free and 100% natural Raub Single Origin. It is ironic that the flavours are smoky and nutty with a hint of refreshing acidic sweetness to it.

Did we manage to pique your curiosity on these Single Origin chocolate bars? Visit Harriston at The Linc KL to have a taste of their mind-blowing creations yourself!

Harriston’s chocolates

Harriston’s chocolates

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