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Why Is No One Talking About Townhouses?

And why we should give it a chance!

Can you imagine living in a cute little house that you share with a neighbour just downstairs (or upstairs) yet still be able to retain your privacy? You will never get lonely and in cases of emergency, it is a comfort knowing that there is always someone close by to help!

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Living in Malaysia, you may notice that townhouses are not very common here but you can find them if you know where to look!

For example, you may find townhouses like Sunway Montana in Kuala Lumpur. It is a 3-storey townhouse in a gated residential area. In Sepang is another 3-storey townhouse, named Ayden Townhouse. If you are currently living in Puchong, N’Dira Townhouse might strike your fancy with its tall and modern, sleek build.

There are also a few townhouses in the East Coast of Malaysia, such as the 3-storey Ganang Villa in Sabah and the clustered community of Aurora Height Moyan in Sarawak.

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Townhouses come with their own unique feature as the only property type to consist of two houses being placed on top of one another. This means that one townhouse is able to hold two owners -- one on the house above, and one below. And yet, these two owners are able to completely retain their privacy due to having separated spaces. For example, the ‘upstairs owner’ may have a staircase that leads straight to their door without having to enter through the ‘downstairs owner’s’ door.  

Why townhouses are not common in Malaysia 

1. Stigma of ‘sharing homes with a stranger’

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Some people might think, “I’m too old to be living with roommates,” or, “I have a family. We can’t have a stranger living with us!”

But is the ‘stranger’ really ‘living with you’ when you do not even share living rooms, kitchens and dining halls? Sure, you might bump into them in the front porch on your way to work, but so what? Make friends with them! Who knows, you might need to borrow some eggs or a blender from them one of these days.

2. Limited freedom of renovation 

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When you are sharing a property with someone, unfortunately you are unable to make drastic renovations to the said property without considering the person you are sharing with. Not only is this out of common courtesy, but also because it is simply not possible

For instance, imagine you are the ‘upstairs owner’ and you wish to extend your kitchen all the way into the backyard but your ‘downstairs neighbour’, unfortunately, does not share the same vision. It may cause a dispute about you breaching into their area of the backyard, or regarding plumbing complications. 

Be careful or you may start a war!

3. Fear of ‘clustering effect’

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You know how grapes grow in a cluster? Identical, and so close together? Some people are terrified of becoming exactly that way!

They are under the impression that living in such close proximity with someone will cause them to become codependent on one another, and that this, in turn, will cause them to lose the ability to think independently. 


Townhouse growing as a trend in the future

Despite the previous concerns and doubts regarding townhouses, there is an opportunity for townhouses becoming a trend in the upcoming years. 

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